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Suggested Anesthesiologist

Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital
P.O. Box 273, Walkers Rd.
Company Phone: (345) 949-6066
Company Fax: (345) 945-1695
Company Website:
Dr. Gay, Stephen
P.O Box 273, Walkers Road
Company Phone: (345) 949 6066
Company Fax: (345) 945 1695
Company Website:


Cayman Islands Hospital
P.O. Box 915, 95 Hospital Rd.
Company Phone: (345) 949-8600
Company Fax: (345) 949-2998
Company Website:
Dr. Barrett, Delano
Cayman Islands Health Service Authority

Dr. Mulgrave-Thorpe, Denise
Cayman Islands Health Service Authority

Dr. Palmer, Takeyce
Cayman Islands Health Service Authority

Dr. Wejbora, J
P.O. Box 10708, Camana Bay
Company Phone: (345) 943-4633
Company Fax: (345) 943-4634
Company Website: