Cayman Growers Cayman Islands

Cayman Growers

Cayman Growers have a tree farm in the East End of Grand Cayman and are having to expand to keep up with demand. Taking up about half of the 30 acres in existence the commercial tree farm, Cayman Growers is part of an old quarry.

The farm has 10,000 trees grown from seed. Coconuts trees are incredibly popular as are Royal and Christmas palms.

Depending on the tree it takes around 2-3 years to grow from seed. In that time a coconut tree can get up to 25ft tall.

The tree farm also grows fruit trees, mango, avocado, lychee and Barbados cherry.

The farms sod, suitable for tropical conditions is also popular. Last year, Cayman Growers was growing two acres of sod with a crop being harvested every five months.

  • Geiger Tree
  • Banana Tree
  • Kapok Tree
  • Lady Palm
  • Bizmarkia Palm
  • Mahogany Tree
  • Pygmy Date Palm
  • Black Olive Tree
  • Pitch Apple Tree
  • Promeliads
  • Canary Date Palm
  • Royal Palm Tree
  • Silver Buttonwood Tree
  • Chinese Fan Palm
  • Solitaire Palm
  • Umbrella Tree
  • Christmas Palm
  • Coconut Tree
  • Crinium Lily
  • Fiji Fan Palm
  • Foxtail Palm
  • Frangipani

Contact Details

Tel: (345) 323-0722

P.O. Box 10336, Farm Road, East End
Grand Cayman KY1-1003, CAYMAN ISLANDS

Opening Times

Monday-Friday 8am-4:00pm

Saturday 8am - 5:00pm

To get to us: go past East End Primary School make a couple of turns until you get to Farm Road and then drive a way. Travis  has a saying "When you think you have gone too far, keep going..if you still can't find us us!"

Here is a comparison of typical prices of popular vegetation offered by other nurseries on island for exactly the same product as we offer.

                             Other Nurseries                     Cayman Growers

Mango                         $100.00                                $75.00

Lychee                         $95.00                                 $75.00

Avacado                       $95.00                                 $75.00

Royal Palm                   $425.00                                $250.00

Christmas Palm             $90.00                                 $60.00

Bismarkia Palm             $115.00                                $100.00

Coconut Palm               $325.00                                $250.00

Chinese Fan Palm          $125.00                                $120.00

Pigmy Date Palm           $90.00                                 $60.00