Churches in The Cayman Islands

According to the last census, the largest faith group in Cayman is that of Protestant Christianity. Of these, most numerous are the members of the United (Congregational/ Presbyterian) church, followed by those of the Church of God, Baptist, Anglican, Roman Catholic and Seventh Day Adventist churches.

The first missionaries to Cayman arrived in the 1830’s. The first resident clergyman, an Anglican deacon, used buildings in which the residents had been worshiping for some years. However, two hurricanes in 1837 destroyed these structures, and the work of the Anglican Church paused for a century.

Wesleyan Reverend James Atkins was commissioned by the British Government in 1837 to carry out a census of the Cayman Islands. He reported that no church buildings existed. Two years later, the first resident Wesleyan minister arrived, and the Island’s first chapel was built at Boatswain’s Beach in 1841.

Cayman’s oldest church building, Elmslie Memorial Church, was built to replace the Anglican structure destroyed by hurricanes. It was named after the first Presbyterian missionary to Cayman, Reverend James Elmslie, and is now home to the United Church.

Nowadays, church buildings proliferate, adding to the architectural richness of the Islands. Their ages and building materials used provide a fascinating reference guide to the Islands’ architectural history. The many communities practising their faith in Cayman today also provide testament to a strong religious foundation in the Islands.

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Other religions followed in Cayman include the Baha’I, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim faiths. These communities are too small for a dedicated place of worship but use private houses. Contact for these communities:


St Alban’s Anglican Church
461 Shedden Rd, George Town
Tel: (345) 949-2757

St Mary’s Anglican Church
Cayman Brac
Tel: (345) 948-1359

Anglican (Episcopal)

St George's Church
64 Courts Rd off Eastern Avenue
Tel: (345) 949-5583


Bethel Baptist Church
Cayman Brac
Tel: (345) 948-0272

Calvary Baptist Church
191 Walkers Rd, George Town
Tel: (345) 949-0629

Cayman Islands Baptist Church
Pedro Castle Rd, Savannah
Tel: (345) 946-2422

Crossroad United Baptist Church
Cayman Brac
Tel: (345) 948-1668

Ebenezer Baptist Church
Cayman Brac
Tel: (345) 948-0260

Fellowship Baptist Church
Cayman Brac
Tel: (345) 948-0520

Good News Baptist Church
Corner of Crewe Rd & Tropical Gardens
Tel: (345) 949-6711

Hillside Chapel (Baptist)
Cayman Brac
Tel: (345) 948-2280

Little Cayman Baptist Church
Little Cayman
Tel: (345) 948-2647

Stake Bay Baptist Church
Cayman Brac
Tel: (345) 948-2647

Catholic Church

St Ignatius Catholic Church
597 Walkers Rd, George Town
Tel: (345) 949-6797

Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church
Reverend Blackman Rd, West Bay
Tel: (345) 949-7390

Stake Bay Catholic Church
Cayman Brac

Church of Christ

Church of Christ (Batabano Rd)
Batabano Rd, West Bay
Tel: (345) 949-3152

Church of Christ (George Town)
43 Anthony Dr off Smith Road
Tel: (345) 949-5785

Church of God

Church of God Full Gospel Hall
South Church St, George Town
Tel: (345) 949-2503

Church of God (Holiness)
Red Bay
Tel: (345) 947-8703

Church of God in the Cayman Islands
74 Fairbanks Rd, George Town
Tel: (345) 949-6022

Church of God, Cotton Tree Bay Church
Cayman Brac
Tel: (345) 948-2522

Church of God, Frank Sound Church
Frank Sound
Tel: (345) 947-3691

Church of God, George Town Church & Family Life Center
George Town
Tel: (345) 949-9393

Church of God, West Bay Church
West Bay
Tel: (345) 949-1794

Church of God of Prophecy
Eastern Avenue, George Town
Tel: (345) 949-9497

Church of God (Universal)
Tel: (345) 946-4007

New Testament Church of God
Cayman Brac
Tel: (345) 948 1399

Church of God (Holiness)
Tel: (345) 948 0446

First Baptist

First Baptist Church
920 Crewe Rd
Tel: (345) 949-0692

Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses
12 Keturah St & Walkers Rd
Tel: (345) 949-7114

Non-denominational Churches

Agape Family Worship Centre
50 Fairbanks Rd, George Town
Tel: (345) 949-2539

Faith Cathedral Deliverance Centre
23 Devon Rd
Tel: (345) 947-0710

Power of Faith Deliverance Ministry
Woodlake Swamp, George Town
Tel: (345) 949-1516

Pentecostal Church

All Nations United Pentecostal Church
23A Woodlake Drive, George Town
Tel: (345) 949-9533

All Nations United Pentecostal Church
Cayman Brac
Tel: (345) 948-0571
Cotton Tree Bay Holiness Church
Cayman Brac
Tel: (345) 948 2552
First Assembly of God
195 Old Crewe Rd
Tel: (345) 945-2182
Spot Bay Holiness Church
Cayman Brac
Tel: (345) 948 0214

Watering Place Holiness Church
Cayman Brac
Tel: (345) 948 0214

Presbyterian Church

Presbyterian Church (Boatswains Bay)
Boatswain Bay, West Bay
Tel: (345) 949-3696

Seventh Day Adventist Church
Creek Seventh Day Adventist
Cayman Brac
Tel: (345) 948-0454

King's Seventh Day Adventist Church
Walkers Rd, George Town
Tel: (345) 945-8189

Seventh Day Adventist Conference Office

Walkers Rd, George Town
Tel: (345) 949-2647

Seventh Day Adventist
Cayman Brac
Tel: (345) 927-4493

Seventh Day Adventist Mission
Bodden Town
Tel: (345) 947-3145

Seventh Day Adventist Mission
East End
Tel: (345) 947-7676

Seventh Day Adventist Mission
Tel: (345) 947-9661

Seventh Day Adventist Mission
Tel: (345) 947-6077

Seventh Day Adventist Mission
41 Smith Rd, George town
Tel: (345) 949-9713

Seventh Day Adventist Mission
West Bay
Tel: (345) 949-1855

United Church (Congregational/Presbyterian)

Elmslie Memorial United Church
Harbour Drive, George Town
Tel: (345) 949-7923

Robert Young Memorial United Church
Crewe Road, George Town
Tel: (345) 949-7923

George Hicks Memorial United Church
South Sound Road, George Town
Tel: (345) 949-7923

Elmslie Memorial United Church
Harbour Drive, George Town
Tel: (345) 949-7923

John Gray Memorial United Church
West Church Street, West Bay
Tel: (345) 949-1378

Webster Memorial United Church
Bodden Town Road, Bodden Town
Tel: (345) 947-3070

Savannah United Church
Astral Way, Savannah
Tel: (345) 947-6071

William Pouchie Memorial United Church
North Side Road, North Side
Tel: (345) 947-5646

East End United Church
Sea View Rd, East End
Tel: (345) 947-7618

Gun Bay United Church
Austin Conolly Drive, Gun Bay
Tel: (345) 947-7618

Wesleyan Holiness Church

Wesleyan Holiness Church
North West Point Turtle Farm Rd
Tel: (345) 949-3394

eCay Tip - Mission in history

For an insight into life and challenges for early missionaries to the Islands, visit Mission House, a National Trust property in Bodden Town. It is one of the Islands’ oldest buildings, and the one most closely linked to the development and influence of religion in Cayman.

eCay Tip - Sunday closing

Religion has a fairly firm hold in Cayman. Still today, most businesses are closed on Sundays, and little activity takes place on this day of the week.


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