Relocating to the Cayman Islands

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Helpful Information For Those Wanting to Relocate to the Cayman Islands

Relocation Consultants

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Relocation consultants will make your move to the Cayman Islands that much easier. Miracle Brokers can assist with every facet of your move, including finding you a home, and enrolling your children in schools.

Shipping your Belongings to Cayman

The Cayman Islands has a wide variety of shipping professionals that offer competitive rates and fast, friendly service for all their Shipping facilities.

Medical Care

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A local Government hospital and private hospital provide modern medical facilities and are staffed with doctors and nursing staff. Government and private dental facilities are also available as are several private medical clinics and opticians. Employers are mandated by law to provide health insurance and share the expense with their employees. While the quality of medical care is high on the island, air ambulance service to Miami is available when necessary. Executive Air, a local company, maintains a roster of some 20 air ambulance providers and can order a custom-equipped ambulance in accordance with instructions from an attending physician. Generally the air ambulance can be in the Cayman Islands within two hours.


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There is a wide choice of primary and secondary school education offered by Government and private institutions, including Baptist, Church of God, Catholic, and Presbyterian schools. Secondary education in Government schools is run on the British examination system with the private schools varying between British and U.S. education. Caymanian children are entitled to free primary and secondary education, and expatriate students can be enrolled at Government schools on a space-available basis (which is quite limited). The Government-owned Community College, the International College of the Cayman Islands (ICCI) and the Cayman Islands Law School offer tertiary courses of study.


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There are Anglican, Congregational, Presbyterian, Baptist, Adventist, Mormon, Roman Catholic, and other churches on the Island.

Taxation and Exchange Controls

There are no taxation or currency exchange controls in the Cayman Islands. However, import duties are levied on virtually all imported goods at a rate of 20-25 percent; motor vehicles are subject to duty ranging from 27.5 to 40 percent, depending on their value. There is no personal income tax in Cayman, no capital gains tax and no property taxes. When one purchases a property you pay a government stamp duty.


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Local full service banks include HSBC, Scotia Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Butterfield, Cayman National Bank, and others. Most offer both U.S. and CI checking and savings accounts, CDs in a variety of currencies, ATM services, and some issue local credit cards. All banks operate on a "know your customer" basis and require references before opening an account. Large amounts of cash are not accepted for deposit at any local banks. Go to the Ecay Business Directory for a full list of Cayman Islands Banks.


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A limited variety of clothing for both men and women can be purchased locally. Standard office wear for men is medium or light weight trousers, long sleeve shirts with tie. Jackets or suits are not normally required except for special functions.

Sporting and Other Activities

The water and beaches provide unparalleled opportunities for all water sports, especially diving, snorkeling, swimming, sailing, and fishing. Second-hand equipment is usually available at reasonable prices. During the off-season, a full set of dive equipment may be obtained for approximately $500.

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The following sporting clubs are well established on the Island: Cayman Squash Racquets Association, Cayman Islands Rugby Club, British Sub Aqua Branch, Grand Cayman Yacht Club, a Football League Association, Cricket Association, Tennis Club, Badminton Club, Ball Hockey Association, and Darts League. The Island has three golf courses. They consist of two 18 hole courses and one 9 hole course and training centre.

Most internationally known service clubs are represented on the island as well as many societies and associations such as a Drama Society, National Choir, Caledonian Society, and Chamber of Commerce.


Most hotels provide evening entertainment such as live bands, comedians, and karaoke shows. There are also nightclubs on the Island that cater to both the resident and tourist population.
The islands have radio stations which broadcast a mixed variety of music and programs of local and international interest. There are currently around 15 radio stations which is amazing for such a small population and they cater to every taste from Caribbean music, to rock, country, easy listening and so on.

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Local wireless cable television service is available at rate from approximately CI$65 upwards per month plus installation charge. Nowadays a huge variety of channels are available. Most condos provide either satellite TV or subscribe to the local cable service which provides a wide choice of channels.

There is an excellent multi-plex cinema at Caymana Bay. We are really fortunate to enjoy some wonderful cultural activities in Cayman and have very active organizations such as The National Gallery, and The National Cultural Foundation which arrange fantastic events and exhibitions etc.  

Accommodations, Schools, Utilities, Communications, etc.

Check out our Ecay online Cayman Islands Business Directory and search by category to get further useful information. Headings such as ‘Schools’, ‘Real Estate & Developers’, ‘Recruitment’, ‘Utilities’, ‘Telecommunications’ and many others should be useful tools in directing you to Cayman websites to get all the information you need to know about moving, living and working in the Cayman Islands.

Article: “A Place in the Sun” written by: David Ritch. OBE. Senior Partner, Ritch Conolly