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Cayman Realty Consultants (CRC)

Luke McCoy

Luke McCoy

Native Caymanian from the District of North Side, Luke has over 9 years in the Real Estate Industry. Luke use to work Part time with his Godfather Mr. Ralph Coastworth (Ralph Coastworth Real Estate) in the 1980’s one of the Pioneers in real estate within the Cayman Islands. Luke will provide you with good advice and treat you with that true Caymanian hospitality, making sure you are happy with your purchase.

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Marquiss McLaughlin

Marquiss McLaughlin

Marquiss is a native Caymanian and is from the district of East End.  Most of his carrer was with the Cayman Islands Government Education department. Well liked by many of his natives, Marquiss knows a lot about the Islands history. Although new to the real estate field, with his knowledge of the islands it is second nature to him. Marquiss will make sure you are properly informed before purchase . A well respected Justice of the Peace within the Cayman Islands we are sure you will be satisfied.

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Phil Eckstein

Phil Eckstein

Phil Eckstein was born in Alberta, Canada and moved to the Cayman Islands in 1988.He became involved with the Cayman Islands boxing club for several years. He met his wife Mary of West Bay and now lives in North Side. Since his arrival to the Caymans he has had three books published and two movies produced. He joined CRC 2009 and would very happy to sit down and work with you on your real eatate needs.

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Luke McCoy

Mike Pickthorne

Prior to coming to the Cayman Islands to take up a post in the then Marine Survey Department of the Cayman Islands government in 1994, Mike had spent nearly four years in Hong Kong as a government marine surveyor. He has spent all of his working life in the shipping industry having been a ship's captain and served in various other positions ashore.

However since he has been in Cayman he has taken an interest in real estate as practiced here and has served on Strata Committees in every position up to and including Chairman and is still serving as a Treasurer. Indeed Mike volunteered to attend STRATA - - gise, which was a one day conference held on 19 April 2007 and was "An Overview of Strata Law in the Cayman Islands". This was staged by Appleby and had a number of expert speakers on various aspects of managing a strata cooperative.

Having spent many years as a marine surveyor Mike maintains how in surveying and valuing ships and boats this is not so very different to inspection and valuation of real estate properties. Indeed the two might be said to come together in the houseboat! The registration process even has certain similarities. However rest assured that if you ask him to assist you in buying or selling a piece of real estate he will not try and sell you a boat! He is a Caymanian and his love not only of boats and the sea, but the countryside in general has taken him to all parts of the three Cayman Islands, and he will be happy to assist you as best he can.

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Edward Lee Powell

Edward Lee Howell

Edward a born Caymanian is relatively new to the real Estate business as a Sales Consultant however he has entered this industry with a really good practical knowledge and understanding of the business of real estate and its market.  His diversified experienced which also includes building and development will prove to be very helpful in serving his clients. A satisfied customer is one thing that is most important for him therefore he will strive to ensure that each experience for his clients will be a pleasant one and that each time they will leave being well pleased with their purchase /rental.

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