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South Coast Bar by the Water's Edge Cayman Islands

South Coast Bar by the Water's Edge

South Coast Bar & Grill is the successor of Reef Point Bar & Restaurant, which was founded by mother and son, Ventris and Charles Powell in December 1978.

Ventris’ love of cooking and magical touch with ingredients and Charles love for fishing was the perfect recipe for a coastal restaurant.

Long before they entered the restaurant business Ventris was already lending her cooking talents to The Lighthouse Club and Decker’s Restaurant in Georgetown.

  • Lobster Bisque (Lobster Fiesta)
  • Southcoast is the ultimate setting to EAT, DRINK, KICK BACK & RELAX !! Complete with Lounge chairs to sleep off a GREAT LUNCH
  • Thai Lobster Salad (Lobster Fiesta)
  • Spice rubbed Lobster Tail (Lobster Fiesta)


Contact Details

Tel: (345) 947-2517
Fax: 345-947-6435

2054 Bodden Town Road, Breakers
P.O. Box 1623 KY1-1109

Opening Times

Restaurant Hours

Monday - Sunday

11.00am – 9.30pm


Bar Hours

Monday – Friday

11.00am – 10.30pm

Saturday- Sunday

11.00am -12.00am