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Reliable Industries Ltd

Reliable Industries Ltd

"The Clean You Expect with the Service You Deserve!"

Reliable Industries began humbly in 1990 in Sharon and Steve Smith's home, with Steve procuring a janitorial contract to clean Kirk's supermarket.
The business has developed over the last 19 years through entrepeneurial foresight and hard work to encompass three large and successful seperate companies-Reliable Industries, Reliable Supplies and Truly Nolen, employing approximately 130 people.

After spending four years building up the janitorial business from scratch Steve took the step to branch out and rent office space at which time Sharon joined him in the business. They bought the environmentally safe pest control franchise, Truly Nolen from the United States to complement the janitorial and cleaning business after existing requests from customers to provide a wider range of services.

Steve's vision led him to purchase Tristar cleaning company in 1998, cleaning carperts and selling the TRistar vacumn cleaners which opened up a new sphere of clientele for the Smith's.

Steve says ' We were now exposed to the domestic cleaning and maid service market after concentrating solely on the commercial janitorial market up until this point."

Reliable Supplies has developed primarily as an offshoot of the original janitorial company. Sharon says ' Customers would continually ask us if they could purchase the specialist products used by our cleaning staff. We began stocking our office with these products so that the public could purchase items as well as supplying the products for hotel and condominium usage.

We are presently developing this aspect of the business and intend emplying sales staff that will be directly responsible for marketing and distributing our exclusive product ranges in Cayman.An essential part of the cleaning business takes the Smith's to trade shows in the United States annually, continually updating them on the latest products, systems and technical expertise. sharon says ' One of the most important shows is produced each year by the International Sanitary Supply Associated (ISSA) of which we have been a member for the past 10 years.

Here we network with industry specialists to strengthen relationships with our US contacts as well as expand our knowledge of the products and services. In particular, Steve finds these shows an inspiration and he comes away all fired up and ready to implement new ideas and expand in new areas.'

The Reliable triumvirate encompasses many other services that might not be immediately obvious including agents for cleaning the planes of airlines represented by Cayman Airways (British Airways, Delta, US Airlines and Cayman Airways themselves), parking lot maintenance, a tree cutting service, pressure washing, maid service, window cleaning, water extraction to nmae but a few.

We are located on Compass Drive. We stand firm by our phrase " The Clean you expect, The service you deserve."