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Blackbeard's Liquors Cayman Islands

Blackbeard's Liquors

Blackbeard's Liquors

Blackbeard’s Rum Company began as a family owned retail store in 1986 owned and operated by the late Mr. & Mrs. Keith Baldwin and their children Lynn & Bill.
The company and their single retail location quickly grew here in Grand Cayman to become a multiple-store retail business, an importer and wholesaler and exclusive producer of authentic Cayman Islands Rums and Spirits and award winning Rum Cakes.
By 2005, Blackbeard’s Rum Company had not only survived the devastating Hurricane Ivan of 2004 but had flourished as an importer, distributor, producer and leading retailer with seven prime locations.
The company was acquired in April of 2007 and subsequently re-structured and re-named Blackbeard’s Trading Co. Ltd. It was merged with the Active Capital Holding, Cayman Distributors Ltd in April 2008 to form the Cayman Islands leading wholesale and retail beverage company and is now positioned and resourced for continued and exponential growth.

Blackbeard’s provides the best combination of selection, service and convenience when shopping for wines, spirits and beers.
Our three retail stores are in the best locations on the island, with our two largest stores being directly adjacent to the island's premier supermarkets, Foster's Food Fair in the Strand on Seven Mile Beach and Hurley’s at Grand Harbour. In addition, our Seven Mile Shops location provides great convenience in getting on and off West Bay Road in a jiffy!

All our locations feature a comprehensive selection of top quality beers and spirits and a wine assortment second to none. Wine is our specialty at Blackbeard’s, wine that you can enjoy and afford all the time.
Our buyers seek out exciting and exclusive wines at great prices and we feature trained wine specialists in each location, ready to help you find something you'll be sure to enjoy. With over 500 wines at our Grand Harbour store, over 350 wines at our Strand store and over 200 wines at Seven Mile Shops, we definitely have something for everyone.
Our friendly staff are happy to help so come on in to Blackbeard’s!

Blackbeard’s Rum has a long and prestigious history in the Cayman Islands.
For over 20 years, the Baldwin family has carefully blended the most select rums from the Caribbean right here on the island, capturing the taste that locals and visitors prefer. Blackbeard’s takes pride in knowing that our rums are blended and bottled right here in the Cayman Islands and we think you'll taste the difference.
As a result of our blending and bottling, Blackbeard’s Rums are wonderfully affordable. Come by the store and see for yourself!

Blackbeard’s Rum selection:
A premium blend, Blackbeard's Gold Rum has a deep mellow flavour, and fine medium body, which makes it an exceptional ingredient in the creation of cocktails and more creative drinks.

Rich, dark and full-bodied, Blackbeard's Dark Rum blends a rich flavour with a smooth velvet texture that can be enjoyed straight, on the rocks, or with a favourite mixer.

The subtle flavour and delicate aroma of Blackbeard's White Rum is the result of an intricate process, which creates this fine rum. Extracted from tropical sugar canes, it is easy on the palate, and won't overpower mixers.

Blackbeard's 151 Over-proof Rum is not for the faint hearted! Our 151 Over-proof lives on the wild side and is definitely a drink that harkens back to the days when rum was consumed by men bent on having a premium, high-proof spirit.

Blackbeard's Coconut Rum is a smooth blend of rum and the natural, smooth flavour of coconut. It blends perfectly with fresh fruit juices or any soda and is also enjoyable as a dessert topping.  Keep it in the freezer and pour gently over ice – perfect!

Blackbeard's Banana Rum brings together our premium white rum with true banana flavour.  With its light smooth finish and enticing aroma, it’s a taste of paradise you can enjoy anytime.

Create truely unique flavours with our Blackbeard's Spiced Rum, which combines rich, dark rum with a delicate blend of exotic spices from the tropics.

Blackbeard’s Rum Cakes:

Our authentic Cayman Islands Blackbeard's Rum Cakes offer a rich, satisfying mix of the moist, yet light cake with the flavours of our own Blackbeard's Rums.
Baked fresh in our bakery in Grand Cayman and using only the finest blend of ingredients, it’s no wonder that our cakes are a favourite among locals and visitors alike.

Blackbeard’s Original Rum Cake:
Drenched in Blackbeard's Gold Rum and baked in the authentic bund shape, the Original makes an excellent dessert choice.
Blackbeard’s Traditional Rum Cake:
Crunchy walnuts adorn the top of our Original recipe to create Blackbeard's Traditional Rum Cakes.
Blackbeard’s Chocolate Rum Cake:
Our Chocolate Rum Cake combines the warm flavours of Blackbeard's Gold Rum with the rich and decadent flavour of chocolate, to produce a truely luxurious treat.

Blackbeard’s Hurricane Rum Cake:
A whirlwind of taste, the Hurricane Rum Cake blends the great taste of our Original recipe with swirls of our Chocolate Rum Cake for a marble effect that will blow you away!
Blackbeard’s Coconut Rum Cake:
Our popular Coconut Rum Cake, covered with Blackbeard's delicious Coconut Rum, offers a tropical twist to our Original Rum Cake.
Blackbeard’s Banana Rum Cake:
Enjoy our Blackbeard's Original Rum cake glazed with Blackbeard's Banana Rum when you are looking for a unique, rich flavoured dessert.
Blackbeard’s Pina Colada Rum Cake:
Blackbeard's Pina Colada Rum Cake offers a new take on the original, combining the moist and delicious cake you love with the light, tropical flavour of pineapple and coconut.


Big Black Dick has aroused the curiosity of everyone and that’s why it has become one of the best selling rums in the Caribbean.

Made from a secret recipe, Big Black Dick Premium Rum is a lavish treat with an aura of mystery sure to please everyone. Some have described it as stiff, yet tasty!

B.B.D. Dark:
A mahogany coloured rum of exquisite taste that could only be achieved with B.B.D.'s special combination of only the finest ingredients.  Drink it straight, or blend it to create perfect tropical cocktails.
B.B.D. Light:
Clear as the island's ocean waters, Big Black Dick Light Rum is Premium Rum that demands to be enjoyed for its transparent smoothness. A favourite ingredient in cool, refreshing tropical drinks; B.B.D. Light Rum will delight those with a taste for the exotic.
B.B.D. Coconut:
Made from Premium Light Rum, B.B.D.'s Coconut Rum has a fresh, tropical, coconut aroma and flavour. This delicious rum can be enjoyed in many ways, over rocks or blended with fruit juice to make a tempting frozen cocktail.
B.B.D. Vanilla:
B.B.D.'s Vanilla Rum is rich, robust and bursting with natural vanilla flavour - a true friend in the bar. Mix it with cola, fresh fruit juices, or a chocolate liqueur for a dessert style cocktail.