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Fidelity Cayman Economic Outlook_Video-1
Fidelity Cayman Economic Outlook_Video-1
Fidelity Cayman Economic Outlook_Video-1
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Fidelity Cayman Economic Outlook

CEO 2017

Vikram Mansharamani

Author, Yale Lecturer

Vikram Mansharamani is a global equity investor with more than 20 years' experience investing in public and private markets. He served as managing director of SDK Capital (and its predecessors). Currently, he is a Lecturer in the Program of Ethics, Politics, & Economics at Yale University and teaches three popular classes, "Investment Management", "Financial Booms & Busts" and "Adventures In Business Ethics". His current research interests include bubbles in both financial and non-financial markets, the unsustainable dynamics of food and fuel, and the relative value of experts versus generalists in navigating complex uncertainties and risk. 

A regular commentator in the financial media, Vikram has contributed to Bloomberg, MarketWatch, CNBC, Forbes, Fortune, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Daily Beast, among others. His widespread popularity came with the release of his book, Boombustology: Spotting Financial Bubbles Before They Burst. Since then, he has gone on to show others how to use his multi-lens approach to manage risk, navigate uncertainty and peer into the future on crucial areas like China, food, the global economy, Africa, housing investing, financial cycles, energy and much more. 


Dambisa Moyo

Global Economist, Author

Dambisa Moyo is a global economist and author who analyzes the macroeconomy and international affairs. Her work has taken her to more than 70 countries over the last decade, during which time she has developed a unique knowledge on the inherent conflicts facing developed economies, as well as the interaction between politics, international finance and developing markets.

In particular, her work examines the interplay of international business and the global economy, while highlighting the key opportunities for investment; capitalizing on her rare ability to translate trends in markets, politics, regulatory matters and economics into their likely impact on global business.

Dambisa Moyo serves on the boards of Barclays Bank, the financial services group, SABMiller, the global brewer, and Barrick Gold, the global miner. She was an economist at Goldman Sachs and a consultant to the World Bank in Washington, D.C.


Rasmus Ankerson

Author, Entrepreneur

Rasmus Ankerson is a bestselling author, entrepreneur and speaker on performance development. With his most recent book, The Gold Mine Effect, Rasmus has become the only expert on the subject of talent and high performance who has literally lived and trained with the best athletes on the planet. The Gold Mine Effect is now published in more than 40 countries and has been featured on Sky News Business, CBC, BBC, CNN, The Morning Show and Fox Sports.

His new book, Hunger in Paradise, explains how successful companies kill complacency and stay hungry. Based on his research, Rasmus consults for organizations such as LEGO, Facebook, Boston consulting Group, IKEA, Rotman Business School, Nasdaq, Ernst&Young, and many more.

Rasmus is also the Chairman of the successful football club FC Midjtylland (the Moneyball project of football) and the co-founder of the 21st Club, a London based company specializing in interpreting big data in top sport. 

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