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Affordable Solar
Affordable Solar - Camana Bay
Affordable Solar - Free System donated by the Nickasons and installed by Affordable Solar
Affordable Solar - The Grove 32 rooftop systems
Affordable Solar - Tomlinson Furniture
Affordable Solar - Grand Harbour
Affordable Solar - Battery system in the Brac
Affordable Solar - The Grove on SMB
Affordable Solar - Fosters in West Bay

Affordable Solar Cayman Ltd. offers solar power consulting and systems installations in Cayman Islands. We provide services to commercial and residential projects, including CORE program and off-grid solar systems, and solar heating solutions for water (laundry, bathing, swimming pools, etc.).

With 300+ sunny days per year drenching the Cayman Islands each day, doesn’t it make sense to harness the power of the sun and earn additional income from it? You can – easily and affordably – with Affordable Solar. 

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