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Anita Gough
Anita Gough
Centre Pointe Dan...
"Centre Pointe Dance Studio has just started its fifth year as an advertising partner wi..."
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Pam Parsons
Pam Parsons
Property Pals Ltd.
"We have been super busy and ECAY has been such a great tool for us…so great in fact t..."
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Taylor Foster, Marketing Manager
Taylor Foster, Ma...
Car City Sales
"In a time where advertising outlets on Island are a dime a dozen it can be quite a chal..."
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Welcome to Ecay, the Cayman Islands Business Directory

Thank you for visiting us and welcome to, the Cayman Islands leading Search Engine. The Ecay search engine/portal gives you instant access to everything there is to know about the Cayman Islands.

It’s the most complete web directory that directly links you to every major website in the Cayman Islands. This gateway to Cayman includes information on offshore financial services, diving, hotels, duty free shopping, real estate, recruitment and relocation, immigration information and much more.

This single source provides you with everything you need to know about living, working, visiting or investing in the Cayman Islands. Try visiting our world class Cayman Islands Business Directory - the most comprehensive business directory for the Cayman Islands on the web. You will be able to find listings of Cayman Islands Attorneys, Cayman Islands Banks, Cayman Insurance Companies, Cayman Islands Restaurants, Cayman Island Trust Companies and more. It's all here.... that's why everyone loves Ecay !!

Welcome to the Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands is known for its pristine waters, its golden sands and the relaxing Caribbean atmosphere that surrounds you. Grand Cayman is the most developed of the three islands and where you will find the largest choice of accommodations, restaurants and attractions. Grand Cayman and its sister islands - Cayman Brac and little Cayman are most certainly gaining a lot of attention lately as one of the hot spots to go on vacation to.

Cayman Islands for all your offshore financial services?

The Cayman Islands have not become the fifth largest financial center in the world by accident. For years Cayman has thrived from banking and client confidentiality laws and hedge fund managers saw Cayman as a natural place to have their funds administered as the jurisdiction provided confidentiality of their trading strategies and offshore shareholder records. The Cayman Islands are now one of the leading hedge fund administration jurisdictions.

Whether you are intetested in finding out more about mutual funds, hedge fund administration, captive insurance, company management or any of the other financial services offered in the Cayman Islands, you should check out the following links:

Cayman Islands for your business?

If you are thinking of setting up your business in the Cayman Islands - we have links to numerous businesses and organizations that can assist you in your endeavours. Please check out our directory for a list of business advisors and immigration consultants. It is also a good idea to speak to some of the investment management companies and banks on the island to get good professional advice. You can also get more information from the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce and the Cayman Islands Investment Bureau.

Cayman Islands for your new Home?

If you are thinking of relocating to the Cayman Islands and making it your new home, then you'll want to check out some of the pages on We have a wealth of information regarding getting jobs, immigration requirements, local labour laws and Government rules. Our online business directory - the most comprehensive Cayman Islands Business Directory - has full listings of recruitment companies, shipping & customs agencies, schools, banks and more.... all the information you will ever need to make the move to the Cayman Islands a smooth one.

If you do make the move - you'll obviously need to find a nice home to move into. The Cayman Islands maybe small but we have a complete range of homes, apartments & condos - something for everyone's taste and budget. We have a number of real estate professionals listed in our business directory. To view all the Cayman Islands real estate professionals - please click here.

Cayman Islands for a Vacation ?

So, if you have never visited our beautiful islands before - take a good look around - we are the number one resource for everything to do with the Cayman Islands. Plan your vacation, learn about our islands, learn about the way of life, the activities that you can expect to partake in, recommended dining establishments, the hotels and accommodations, Cayman Islands events, Cayman Islands news, weather and much more.

The Cayman Islands, like all islands, are essentially the tips of underwater mountains, and the submerged terrain around these islands is especially dramatic. The spectacular underwater walls, caverns and healthy coral reefs have made these islands one of the world's best spots for diving and snorkeling.

An abundance of natural attractions make the Cayman Islands an ideal destination for those who enjoy water sports, bird watching, laid-back day hikes, clear water and sandy beaches (Grand Cayman's Seven Mile Beach is among the finest in the Caribbean).

Cayman Islands for your wedding or honeymoon?

What more can be said.... there simply is no better place to tie the knot... With beautiful scenery, tranquil waters, luxurious beaches and the very best in accommodations - the Cayman Islands is one of the World's top destinations for weddings and honeymoons. Please check through our business directory to get information on Cayman Islands Wedding organizers, event coordinators, Cayman hotels & resorts, florists, etc. Any business in the Cayman Islands that you need - you will find right here on

Cayman Islands for your company’s incentive travel destination?

A world class expeditionary training centre called Bound For Success has recently launched in the Cayman Islands. What a phenomenal way to incentivize and motivate your sales force or team of corporate executives by treating them to a vacation to the Cayman Islands on a group incentive travel trip. The Bound For Success world class facility is located along side the beautiful turquoise waters of the North Sound and includes a professional low ropes and high ropes course run by professional and experienced Outward Bound Instructors. Reward your corporate team with a trip to the beautiful Cayman Islands and motivate and develop them into cohesive and productive team whilst here! Top class hotels such as The Ritz Carlton are highly skilled at taking care of all your destination management and destination services needs.