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Tire Sales & Repairs

All the tire suppliers in the Cayman Islands are listed here. Whether you’d like to:

  • Change all the tires on your automobile as they are looking tired
  • Have your spare tire checked by the tire shop, having never looked at it
  • Replace the tires on your truck urgently
  • Discover how to recycle your old tires
  • Find a supplier of discount tires
  • Have a puncture fixed as quickly as possible

the suppliers listed below should be able to help you. We’ve provided the contact details for all the tire suppliers you could need, including a map of their location and links to their website.

We've also introduced a virtual tour facility called eCayEarth that allows you to visit the supplier virtually before you ever contact or visit them!

Thanks for using eCayOnline for all your Cayman Islands automobile information.

15 results for Tire Sales & Repairs

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Rubis Cayman Islands Limited

P.O. Box 10724, #430 South Church Street, George Town Cayman Islands

Advance Automotive Ltd.

P.O. Box 2034, 113 Owen Roberts Dr. George Town, Cayman Islands
Currently Closed – Back Soon!

Automotive Art

P.O. Box 1991, 480 Shedden Rd. Cayman Islands
Currently Closed – Back Soon!

International Tyres, Wheels & Accessories (ITWA)

P.O. Box 1031, 207 Sparky Dr. Suite 2 Cayman Islands

Superior Auto

P.O. Box 11389, 14 Sherwood Dr., Industrial Park Cayman Islands
Currently Closed – Back Soon!

Tony's Toys

91 Sherwood Drive. P.O. Box 2118, GT Cayman Islands
Currently Closed – Back Soon!

TRAC Automotive (Trac)

P.O. Box 10106, 181 Dorcy Drive, George Town George Town, Cayman Islands
Currently Closed – Back Soon!

Vampt Motors Service Centre

P.O. Box 686, 368 Walkers Road Cayman Islands

Leo's World

PO Box 399, Unit #5 GKF Industrial Park, George Town Cayman Islands

Wise Auto

PO Box 12192, 149 Red Gate Rd. Cayman Islands
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