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Waste Management

All the organizations concerned with waste management in the Cayman Islands are listed here. Whether you’d like to

  • Employ a company to clean out the greased trap linked to your septic tank
  • Get the local community involved in an operation to clean up the effects of a small oil spill
  • Rent portable chemical toilets to service the needs of the attenders of your music festival
  • Have recycling volunteers come and clear your camping site of rubbish
  • Rent waste containers to remove the construction rubble from your home
  • Learn how much an environmental agenda should be influencing waste management policies in Cayman

the organizations listed below should be able to help you. We’ve provided the contact details for all the organizations concerned with waste management you could need, including a map of their location and links to their website.

We've also introduced a virtual tour facility called eCayEarth that allows you to visit the organization virtually before you ever contact or visit it!

Thanks for using eCayOnline for all your Cayman Islands recycling information.

7 results for Waste Management

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JUNK - recycling made easy

P.O. Box 10442, Suite 202, Crighton building 256, Crewe Road, Cayman Islands

Professional Waste Management

P.O. Box 2807, 111 Middle Rd. Cayman Islands

Department of Environmental Health (DEH)

P.O. Box 1820, 580 North Sound Rd. CI Environmental Centre Cayman Islands

C's Recycling

P.O. Box 1932, 257 Powell Smith Dr. Cayman Islands


P.O. Box 10203, GKF Industrial Pk., Godfrey Nixon Way Cayman Islands

Island Waste Carriers

P.O. Box 10598, Mirco Centre, North Sound Rd. Cayman Islands

Wastewater Purifications Systems Ltd

P.O. Box 1751, Cayman Islands
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