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Counselling & Psychotherapy

All the counselors in the Cayman Islands are listed here. Whether you’d like to:

  • Learn basic counseling skills to improve how you deal with your family and friends
  • Locate a counselor to provide support on a specific issue, such as stress or debt management
  • Find a trained psychotherapy professional who can come into your place of work at difficult times and provide assistance with problems
  • Discover a discreet but supportive way to talk to someone about your relationship or trouble dealing with grief
  • Find out some of the facts about drug or alcohol addiction so that you can help a loved one

the counselors listed below should be able to help you. We’ve provided the contact details for all the counselors you could need, including a map of their location and links to their website.

We've also introduced a virtual tour facility called eCayEarth that allows you to visit the counselor virtually before you ever contact or visit them!

Thanks for using eCayOnline for all your Cayman Islands counseling information.

17 results for Counselling & Psychotherapy

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Healthy Solutions Cayman

P.O. Box 2211, #4 Dolphin Center, Eastern Ave, George Town Cayman Islands

Infinite Mindcare

P.O. Box 552 , Centennial Towers Suite 205-B Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands Humane Society

P.O. Box 1167, 153 Nth Sound Rd. Cayman Islands
Currently Closed – Back Soon!

Bethesda Counselling Center

P.O. Box 1700, 68 Mary Street Cayman Islands

Cathy Alberga - Mental Health Counsellor

P.O. Box 731, The Barnett Music Centre 2nd Floor Suite F Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands Hospital

P.O. Box 915, 95 Hospital Rd. Cayman Islands

Cayman Neurology - Pain Management

PO Box 10703, West Shore Centre Unit 5B, WeST Bay Road Cayman Islands

Cayman Pharmacy Group

P.O. Box 273, Walkers Rd at Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital Cayman Islands

Department of Counselling Services

P.O. Box 10142, 3rd Floor Block B, West Wind Building, Cayman Islands
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