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Water Purification

All the suppliers of water purification treatments in the Cayman Islands are listed here. Whether you’d like to:

  • Have your well water checked for its drinking quality
  • Learn about the possibility of using water purification plants to clean water
  • Find some water purification tablets to take with you on vacation
  • Discover what the Government plans to do to improve the drinking water in the Islands
  • Find out about emergency water purification treatment post Hurricane Ivan
  • Learn about what advances have been made in desalination through reverse osmosis
  • Investigate the cost of installing a home filtration system

the suppliers listed below should be able to help you. We’ve provided the contact details for all the suppliers of water purification treatments you could need, including a map of their location and links to their website.

We've also introduced a virtual tour facility called eCayEarth that allows you to visit the supplier virtually before you ever contact or visit them!

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4 results for Water Purification

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Aqua Design (CI) Ltd.

P.O. Box 119, 65B Pedro Castle Rd. Cayman Islands

Cayman Water Company Limited

Regatta Office Park, Windward 3, 4th Floor P.O. Box 1114, Regatta... West Bay, Cayman Islands
Currently Closed – Back Soon!

Water Authority - Cayman

P.O. Box 1104, 13G Red Gate Rd. Cayman Islands
Currently Closed – Back Soon!

Koola Bottleless Water Coolers

PO Box 11630, 194H Dorcy Drive Cayman Islands
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