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So you're looking to work in the Cayman Islands? Great choice! For those eagerly seeking open positions, click here now: JOBS IN CAYMAN 


Getting a work permit to live and work in the Cayman Islands is not straightforward. However, it is much easier if your occupation is in the financial services or tourism industries. Cayman’s two biggest industries are always in need of experienced personnel. Alternatively, working for the Government provides an access route to working in Cayman. For Up To Date information regarding work permits, please click here contains all the information you could need to consider finding a job in Cayman. As well as this jobs page you might like to try our Relocate to the Cayman Islands page for information relating to a move to Cayman. The page on Entry Requirements gives details about what is needed to satisfy conditions for immigration. The page on Living Costs will allow you to work out how far your salary will stretch. You can also use the Ecay Business Directory to source and contact potential employers.




Working in Cayman – the regulations

There are strict immigration policies in place in order to restrict entry into Cayman. To work in the Cayman Islands, you either have to invest in a business, or obtain a work permit. In order to obtain a work permit, you must first get a job with a Cayman business. You and the business must then submit the necessary documentation and fees.

Positions of employment must be advertised in the local newspaper, and Caymanians who respond will be given preference. Your potential employer has to be able to satisfy the Immigration Board that they have made reasonable efforts to fill the post with a Caymanian. This would include advertising the position at least twice in a newspaper approved by the Board. If no suitably qualified resident applies for the position, it may then be filled by a non-resident who fits the requirements of the post.

More detailed information on immigration and working in Cayman can be found on Entry Requirements and on the Government site Other useful sites include:


Employment in the Financial Services Industry in the Cayman Islands

If you are interested in a job in the financial services industry, the leading industry in Cayman, consider using the Ecay Business Directory. There you will find details of among others.

Use the direct links to the websites of your target companies. There you will be able to explore the company ethos, services provided, and types of career on offer. Some companies post job vacancies on their websites.


Employment in the Tourism Industry in the Cayman Islands

The transient nature of the workforce in the tourism industry means that there are often jobs to be found. Work behind the bar at one of Cayman’s trendiest night spots, or pass on your scuba skills to visiting tourists. On this site you will find pages on Diving and Water Sports in the Cayman Islands as well as a detailed look at some of Cayman’s best Hotels.


Other Potential Employers in the Cayman Islands

There are a number of other sectors where there is a need for non-Caymanian workers. The current boom in real estate and building means that there is a pressing requirement for experienced workers. Look in EcayOnline for details of:

Maybe you fancy your chances as a real estate salesman or project manager. Or there may be opportunities within the timeshare industry, or in retail. Whatever career you may be considering, start with a browse through the Ecay Business Directory.


Where to look for a job in the Cayman Islands

Other than directly to prospective employers, there are a number of other sources of job vacancies. There are several Cayman websites listing vacancies, as well as the Government site,, which gives details of Government posts.

Classified advertisements for job vacancies can be found in ecayTrade;

An alternative route is via an employment agency. It is often easier to register with an agency or recruitment consultant, particularly for vacancies in the tourism or financial services sectors, than to go direct. Cayman has a number of very experienced agencies which may be able to help get you an interview and work with a Cayman employer.

The recruitment companies may be able to offer you work as a ‘temp’. You would then be placed in temporary work with one of their clients, giving you a chance to discover other opportunities within Cayman, and to get to know the Islands themselves. Some of the leading agencies include:

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