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Ambience opened its doors in November 1998 on Fort Street, George Town with a selection of medium to high-end merchandise mainly produced in Europe. In the beginning the merchandise impressed customers as exotic, but the steadily growing clientele accepted and embraced the Continental European brands that the owner and manager of the store, Christiane Schütte-McField who is originally from Germany has introduced.

Ambience has selected brands like Wüsthof; a company with a rich heritage, Ed. Wüsthof Dreizackwerk of Solingen is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of precision forged cutlery. From Wüsthof’s start in 1814 to this day the company remains family owned and managed. Wüsthof has focused almost solely on the manufacturing of forged knives for the professional chef and home cooking enthusiast. Therefore their knives are the valued and cherished tools of the world’s most distinguished chefs.

Since 1853, WMF has been making cooking, eating and drinking a real experience. Worldwide WMF represents excellence in all aspects relating to the table and kitchen. The brand is known for its versatile range of products and reliable quality. Well-known designers from all over the world are in constant search of innovative ideas for WMF. WMF’s passion is to develop products that inspire and make life more pleasant.

alfi design has been founded in 1914 and started to manufacture insulated containers.

Their stylistic elements mark the difference. alfi’s passion is making fascinating and innovative products. Like the spherical jug by Ole Palsby, a classic, best-selling and award winning design for more than 20 years. The best designers from all over the world devise their creations for alfi.

 90 Years of Original Kaiser Bake-ware Products. Innovative thinking and investments in the future, combined with many years of experience and technical expertise, are the maxim for many sensational developments. In 1968 Kaiser introduced the first Teflon-coated baking pan, followed by the La Forme baking form series in 1984.

These are only a few of Ambience’s kitchenware companies, but their high standard of quality is an indication of the caliber Ambience is trying to source and select for its discriminating customers.
In our tabletop collection we would also like to concentrate only on a few select companies. Firstly Arzberg, a producer of incredibly hard, dense German porcelain has been from the beginning our best choice for casual and affordable formal family chinaware. Arzberg is an independent company, an authentic brand with clean designs.  Arzberg’s colorful “Profi Color” design is just the perfect fun china for the kitchen, terrace and office.

The Fürstenberg China Manufacture is a company that is steeped in tradition, where history continually has a new and productive effect on the present. Fürstenberg opened barely forty years after the invention of porcelain in Europe. At that time porcelain was more valuable than silver and was referred to as “White Gold”. In the last few years Designers like Michael Sieger, Hans Kollhoff and Carlo Dal Bianco have all contributed designs and their talent for Fürstenberg.

Dibbern, the German top leading fine bone china manufacturer represents the ultimate achievement in pottery craftsmanship and technology. Their designers are very considerate in designing the Dibbern Fine Bone China with great subtlety: it accentuates the distinctive features of the material. With its transparency, smoothness and soft glow fine bone china is among the most attractive porcelains – a feature that is enhanced by its exceptional durability. An unleaded glaze is used for all Dibbern Fine Bone China Products. With all these features Dibbern Fine Bone China continues to convince high-class gourmets and the international premium gastronomy.

One of their other product lines is “Solid Color”, hard porcelain that is produced for Dibbern from Schönwald, the leading producer for porcelain used in the hospitality industry. Therefore this china is again also perfect for families. Solid Colors is available in over 30 colors.

Throughout the ages the people have been fascinated by silver. Right from the start, the beauty and rarity of this metal and its wonderful characteristics have inspired artists to create enduring works.

Robbe & Berking is the leading, family owned silver manufacturer in Germany. Robbe & Berking today is the outstanding silversmith whose works demand the same skills honed by the old master craftsmen over centuries. Their dynamic yet balanced forms rested on the same design principles essential to ranges such as Alta, Riva and Sphinx. The distribution of material in the handles, for example, is fundamentally different from that of standard cutlery, which consists only of formed sheet silver. With Robbe & Berking cutlery, in contrast, the silver is forged. From the strong handle at the bowl, the material tapers gently and elegantly to the tip of the handle, to describe just one detail. Judged by even the harshest of criteria, this cutlery provides an almost sensual pleasure for the hand.

Today customers who choose table-wares from manufacturers such as Fürstenberg, Dibbern and Robbe & Berking prize exceptional workmanship, value exclusivity and a table and dining culture for the senses.  Porcelain sets trends in culture and lifestyle.

Ambience is looking for porcelain with a high degree of functionality that will satisfy the demands made in different situations. This will allow each person to select their own setting to live their individual style.


Today, more than ever the Cayman homeowner wants to enjoy their kitchen, to entertain, to cook, to gather and socialize at home. As attractive as kitchens have become they are no longer just an art gallery. Ambience offers a personalized approach to customer service and believes in helping new homeowners, brides and grooms in selecting patterns that reflect their taste, personality and lifestyle. Designs that will prove timeless over the years and are sure to become treasured heirlooms.


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