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AMR Consulting Engineers

AMR Consulting Engineers is a multi-disciplinary construction consultancy practice that was established in 1996.  The specifics of the Engineering Services offered by the company include:
  • Structural Designs: Preparing cost effective structural designs for various types of residential, commercial or industrial buildings and civil works.
  • Civil Engineering Design: Design and detailing for a variety of projects including civil aviation works, land reclamation, roadway and parking lot design, and drainage and coastal works design.
  • Structural Integrity Reports: Advising on the state of existing structures.
  • Resident Engineer Services: Providing site inspections and technical support for our own or third party design, as a contract service.
  • Geotechnical Investigations: Ground Condition Investigations and reports, including cost-effective recommendations for foundation design and construction.
  • Environmental Engineering Services Environmental Site Assessments, site remedial action, Stormwater management, design construction and operation, environmental soil and groundwater sampling, analysis and reporting.
  • Piling Inspection and Testing Services: Monitoring Piling Installation, Pile Integrity Testing, Static Compressive and Tensile Pile Testing to 400 tons.
  • Site Surveying and Setting Out: Topographic surveys (non-legal) and setting-out/Control of Structures.
  • Site Monitoring: Day to day on-Site Monitoring and reporting of Structural Construction. As-Built records of structural elements (including foundations, slabs, columns, beams, walls, roof).
  • Materials Testing: Soil and Concrete Testing. Soil Nuclear Density/Moisture tests, sieve analysis, Proctor Tests, Unconfined Compressive Strength of Rock Cores. Concrete sampling and testing, mix design and quality control.  To ASTM standards. Air monitoring; Asbestos, mold, particulates
  • Project Management: Coordinating members of the professional team and contractor to ensure scheduled project completion; exercising control during construction to ensure budget is not exceeded.
Some of the major projects with which the firm has been involved to date include:
  • 2007 – Ritz Carlton Deck House Project, 19 Custom Home with Boat Houses, Project Value CI$ 48 Million (Geotechnical, Civil & Structural Engineering Design)
  • 2007 – Savannah Gulley Flood Protection, Project Value CI$5 Million, Client National Roads Authority. (Geotechnical & Civil Engineering Design)
  • 2007 – Ashman/Holmes Private Residence, Project Value CI$5 Million, Architect Cayman Style Ltd. (Geotechnical, Civil & Structural Engineering Design)
  • 2007 – Clarinda Beach Road Protection, Project Value CI$0.5 Million, Client National Roads Authority. (Geotechnical, Civil & Structural Engineering Design)
  • 2007 – Cayman Climate Control New Warehouse Building, Commercial Units and Staff Accommodations, Project Value CI$3.5 Million (Geotechnical, Civil & Structural Engineering Design)
  • 2007 – Cornellson 5-Storey Hotel/Commercial Development, Project Value CI$1.8 Million (Geotechnical, Civil & Structural Engineering Design)
  • 2007 – Public Works Department Proposed Drugs Task Force Facility & Marina, Project Value CI$6 Million (Civil & Structural Engineering Design)
  • 2007 – Ministry of DA, P, A & H, Bodden Town Civic Centre Refurbishment & Expansion Project, Project Value CI$1.3 Million (Architecture, Civil & Structural Engineering Design)
  • 2007 – East End Cemetery Sheet-Piled Retaining/Sea Defense Wall, Project Value CI$800,000.00 (Project Management & Structural Engineering Design, Resident Engineering Services)
  • 2006 – Dios Mar Hotel 3-storey Hotel & Commercial Development, Project Value CI$5.5 Million (Architecture, Geotechnical, Civil & Structural Engineering Design)
  • 2006 – New A.L. Thompson’s Development (120,000sqft.) including Warehouse, Offices, Generator Building, Cistern, Entrance Canopy and Parking Lot, Project Value CI$18 Million, Architect Kozaily Design Ltd. (Civil & Structural Engineering Design)
  • 2006 – New Church of God and Assembly Rooms, Project Value CI$2 Million, Architect OA&D (Geotechnical & Structural Engineering Design)
  • 2006 – Stingray Construction, Ritz By-Pass Bridge & Approach Roads, Project Value CI$2.5 Million (Geotechnical, Foundation Design, Project Management, Pile Testing and Inspections)
  • 2005/2006 – Owen Roberts International Airport Long & Short Term Parking Lot Rehabilitation Project (Civil Design and Project Management)
  • 2005 – South Church Street Apartment Buildings for Mike Brown, Project Value CI$3.1 Million, Architect BDCL (Civil & Structural Engineering Design)
  • 2005 – Savannah Commercial Development (Structural Design and Resident Engineer).
  • 2005 – Caribbean Club Condominium Development, Project Value CI$18 Million (Foundation Analysis, Pile Design, Pile Testing & Inspections)
  • 2004/2005 – Boggy Sands Road Sheet-Piled Retaining/Sea Defense Wall, Project Value CI$1.3 Million (Project Management & Structural Engineering Design)
  • 2004/2005 – New Little Cayman Airport Runway & Apron, Project Value CI$4.5 Million (Civil Design, Land Survey, Detailing, Project Management & Resident Engineer)
  • 2004 – COAX Building Expansion, Cable & Wireless Eastern Avenue Compound (Structural Design and Resident Engineer).
  • 2004 – Burke Residence (Structural Design and Resident Engineer).
  • 2004 – Boggy Sands Road Retaining Wall and Boardwalk – Public Works Department (Geotechnical Investigation, Structural Design and Resident Engineer)
  • 2004 – Extension to Savannah Primary School – Public Works Department (Structural Design and Resident Engineer)
  • 2003 – George Town Cargo Pier Rehabilitation (Resident Engineer).
  • 2003 – New Entry Building and Stocking Tanks at Cayman Turtle Farm, Project Value CI$6.5 Million (Geotechnical and Structural Design).
  • 2003 – Resident Engineer at Cable & Wireless Eastern Avenue Compound New Exchange Building.
  • 2002– Cayman Brac Port Rehabilitation (Project Manager)
  • 2002 – Owen Roberts Airport Apron Rehabilitation (Structural Pavement Design, Civil Works Design, Resident Engineer Services).
  • 2000 to 2001 – Cayman Brac Airport Taxiway and Apron Rehabilitation (Structural Pavement Design, Civil Works Design, Resident Engineer Services).
  • 2001 – Office/Retails Space Renovations for D. Soto on Dorcy Drive, Grand Cayman (Structural Design).
  • 2001 – Office & Spillway Pad for Texaco, Ltd. at Gerrard Smith Airport, Cayman Brac (Structural Design, Civil Woks Design).
  • 2001 – Service Station (including convenience store) for Esso, Ltd. at Red Bay, Grand Cayman (Structural Design Overview, Civil Works Design).
  • 2001 – Structural Steel Warehouse for Texaco, Ltd. at the Creek, Cayman Brac (Structural Design).
  • 2001 – Main Office Expansion for Texaco, Ltd. On South Church Street, Grand Cayman (Structural Design).
  • 2001 – Crown Jewels Condominium – A 10-Unit, three storey condominium complex development on Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman (Site Inspections, Civil Works Design).
  • 2000-2001 – Several 8000+ square foot exclusive residential homes on Grand Cayman (Structural Design, Site Inspections).
  • 2001 – New Office/Retail Building for Wendy’s Ltd. on Walkers Road, Grand Cayman (Structural Design).
  • 2000-2001 - Rosedale Gardens: A new 168-Unit Apartment and Town House Development at Crewe Road for HAB Developers Limited. (Resident Engineer Services).

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