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The Audiophile Group


The Audiophile Group is your source for consumer electronics, home automation systems, professional audio products, home cinema equipment, video conferencing equipment, CCTV and other related audio video equipment and accessories. The Group is staffed with professional individuals that are trained by respected manufacturers. The Audiophile Group specializes in system design, equipment supply, professional installation, maintenance and service of various low voltage systems for the residential and commercial markets. The Group’s diverse client base includes banks, accounting firms, law firms, churches, hotels, radio stations, bars, nightclubs, customized residences, retail stores, restaurants, automobiles, yachts and many more.

The Audiophile Group is proud to be the sole distributor for the Cayman Islands for a number of prestigious manufacturers that are leaders in their industry. Some of these brands include Denon, JBL, Infinity, Sonance, Harman Kardon, Definitive Technology, KEF, Revel, Tandberg, Vantage Controls, Universal Remote Control, BDI USA, Omimount, Chief, Sanus, Vantage Point, ONQ Legrand, Liberty Wire and Cable, Wire World, Draper Inc, Vutec, Ad-Notam, and Sim2 Multimedia.

The Audiophile Group strives to provide the highest level of customer service and competitive prices. Their welcoming and interactive show room, featuring a customized home cinema and automation systems, is designed to showcase the diverse range of products available on Island via The Audiophile Group. The Audiophile Group’s subsidiary companies include The Audiophile, Eminent Audio & Video and I Systems Ltd.After much consultation, we produce site plans with a full and complete cabling proposal to be followed closely by contractors.

We not only base this on the chosen equipment but also on a layout that will cater for the majority of all multi-room Audio-Visual systems and future possible additions.

We find that this infrastructure is becoming expected in most new build luxury homes. In our experience having this kind of forethought when building a property will add to its desirability.

the audiophile group

Intelligent control will turn off all your unnecessary loads as you exit the front door.
When the sun hits certain windows during the day, motorized blinds will close, helping to keep the place cool. If a room is in use the natural light levels can be monitored and lights will raise and lower just enough to reach your desired level.

Incorporate all this with a few other energy saving concepts like electric and water solar panels, LED lighting, solar tube lighting and your home becomes an eco-friendly house.

All these concepts added together can make a big difference to your outgoings and to our environment.

The savings you make every year offset against your initial costs and you can feel a little bit better about living in luxury!

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