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BDO Tortuga, Cayman Islands

BDO, both internationally and locally is a people based organization with a deep commitment to providing high quality, personalized client service. BDO takes pride in their clients' success and does not shy away from committing to meet their individual needs. BDO eagerly takes an active role in helping them to succeed.

The Firm was first established in the Cayman Islands in October 2002 and continues its rapid growth since that date.

The Firms origins date back to its establishment in 1982 in the British Virgin Islands, which has expanded into one of the major accounting and consultancy firms operating in the British Virgin Islands and provides a full range of financial services to both its local and offshore clientele.

BDO Tortuga specializes in the auditing of offshore mutual funds, offshore insurance companies, but its clientele also include hotels, and many other local enterprises. BDO Tortuga is also provides accounting services for local entrepreneurs and its sound financial advice to growing businesses.

With full access to the firm’s international support facilities BDO Tortuga has the resources to respond with professional auditing, accounting, insolvency, tax, financial and management consultancy services on a worldwide level as a truly unified global organization.

BDO Tortuga Accounting Services

BDO provides a wide variety of quality accounting services to our broad base of local and international clients include the following:

  • Preparation of monthly management accounts
  • Preparation of annual unaudited financial statements
  • Processing of accounting information - Keeping track of your business transactions is a very necessary function, which can provide you with valuable information to assist you in managing your business better. From recording the bank transactions and reconciling the bank accounts, to preparing customer invoices and keeping track of bills, BDO can customize their services to fit your business needs.
  • Other related services
    • Temporary secondment
    • Inventory counting valuation

BDO Tortuga Auditing

BDO Tortuga and BDO in the British Virgin Islands have been delivering auditing services to both local and international clients for over 20 years. During this time they have firmly established their reputation for quality and timely service. Their professional expertise in the areas of offshore mutual funds, captive insurance, trust companies, statutory bodies, charter industry and retailing is highly regarded.

At BDO, they aim to provide audit and advisory services that add value to the businesses that they audit. Their thorough understanding of the nature of the business and the problems it faces enables them to identify solutions and to make a real contribution to profitability and efficiency.

Their clients are assured that whatever the reason for the audit, be it statutory or for special purposes, they are committed to providing the same level of total quality service. Their partners stay abreast of accounting developments and have access to state of the art auditing technology.

BDO Tortuga Formation and Management

Their affiliated company Chancery International (Cayman) Limited, provides an extensive range of company formation and management services. At BDO they work closely with their clients and Chancery International (Cayman) Limited to ensure that they receive high quality and timely services.

BDO Tortuga Corporate Finance

BDO's specialty is in the area of entrepreneurial businesses regardless of size or age. They are well-known for their close involvement with their clients and their commitment to total client service. They take pride in their client's successes, and they do not shy away from committing to meet their individual needs.

From their history they have gained a valuable bank of knowledge that allows them to understand and predict the relationship between the local and international economies. Their partners have a thorough understanding of the local business practices and their direct access to the international firms resources enable them to offer cost-effective solutions to financing and management issues facing both established and growing businesses.

Their corporate finance specialists advise on mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, privatization and capital financing, and undertake due diligence work.

BDO has a close working relationship with the commercial banks on island. Business proposals prepared by BDO lend credibility to clients’ financial business plans, as they are backed by indisputable experience and expertise. The unique closeness and confidentiality of the BDO approach enables partners and staff to gain a thorough understanding of their clients’ business, and to fine solutions to any potential concerns.

BDO TortugaTax Consulting

Although the Cayman Islands has no income or gains taxes, where international tax is concerned, through BDO’s international resources, the are equipped to advise overseas investors, ensuring the optimum structuring of cross-border transactions, and compliance with their own local tax regulations.

In particular they are able to provide tax support to the captive insurance industry through our specialists in the United States of America.

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