BIAS Market Briefing - 2013 Q2
BIAS brings Clarity to a World of Conflicting Information
Build your Wealth with BIAS WealthBuilder Programme

BIAS (Cayman) Limited is a Cayman-based investment management company. The group has been in business for 25 years and services more than 300 globally based trust intermediaries, captive managers, family offices and high net worth individuals. 

BIAS offers the following services: Wealth Management, Wealth Building, Institutional Asset Management, Captive Assets Management and Self-directed Custody.

BIAS recently launched its Freedom Trading platform offering global web-based trading for $6.95 per trade, plus two cents per share. This is a third less than the cost of the most competitively priced internet trading platform on the island and in line with the cost of using US based discount brokers.

The company also manages BIAS Global Portfolios SPC which represent asset allocation packages for smaller corporate and private investors.

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