At Box Buddies, we take the hassle out of storing goods. Lets face it, packing and storing personal belongings isn’t fun.


With the help of Box Buddies we will make all of your packing,  storage and moving needs quick and easy.


We currently offer standard sized boxes that are slightly larger than two cubic feet. Starting at $4.00 per month, Box Buddies will store your personal affects in our climate controlled, 24 hour monitored facility.


Simply tell us how many boxes you would like and we will deliver them to your doorstep or you can pick them up for free!


Once you have filled your boxes with your belongings, we will pick them back up or you can drop them off!


Have a larger job? No problem! Box Buddies has a fully equipped moving team fit for any job. Whether you are moving your home or business, our moving team is here to help!


At Box Buddies, our customer satisfaction comes first, so lets be Box Buddies today! Contact us below and let Box Buddies take the hassle out of your storage and moving needs.


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