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Beef Lasagne
Potato Gratin
Apple Crumble
Vegetarian Lasagne
West Indian Chicken Curry
Vegan Coconut Curry
Glazed Carrots
Spaghetti Bolognese
Short Rib Dinner
Seafood Pie
Sauteed Spinach
Mac n' Cheese
Lamb Tagine
Green Beans
Caribbean Spiced Pulled Pork
Beef Ragout

At Boxed we understand your time is precious. Our range of healthy, freshly prepared frozen ready-meals aim is to help you spend more time doing the things you love, and less time on the things you don't. All our meals are made right here in Cayman by the same team you trust at Mise En Place.


Whether you’re feeding a family, hosting friends for dinner or cooking for one, our meals range from individual and two-person dinners to family size dishes, sides and dessert so there’s something for every occasion. For visitors staying in a villa or condo, we can even pre-stock your freezer with Boxed mains, sides and desserts so that you have a choice of hassle-free dinners on hand, and can enjoy a sundowner on the beach instead of cooking dinner on your vacation.


Our chefs work hard to ensure the ingredients in our meals are the same you would find in your cupboards at home, and where possible sourced locally. Meals are frozen at -35°C so they taste freshly made and there are no nasty additives.


Available at Cost-U-Less, Foster’s IGA, Hurley’s Marketplace, Peanuts and The Barista Cafes.

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