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Browns Pest Control
Browns Pest Control
Browns Pest Control

Effective pest control is a process, Browns pest control has adopted the proven approach of a two way ongoing cycle of three critical procedures between you the customer and our technicians. This process ensures the control of pests and keeps them out of your home and business.


The technicians at Brown's Pest Control are trained to identify your pest threat and risk areas. At first the first stage an onsite inspection is conducted to identify and evaluate all the reasons pests infest your home.


At this stage our technicians continually work with you to treat causes with methods that are best for your family, pets and environment. During this stage we create a customized pest control treatment plan that effectively targets cockroaches, rodents, silverfish, ants and other common household and commercial pests that affect you

Year round monitoring, follow up, documentation and communication is available and recommended as a means to ensure the effectiveness of our service.

Our services include rodent and insect control, termite control, fumigation and lawn treatment.

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