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  • Save up to 60% on fuel costs for every electric mile you drive. 
  • Over CI $1,250 in average fuel savings annually. 
  • Save upto CI $500 on general maintenance every year.  


  • Save Money: lower overall cost of ownership for EV's. (helps save you money.)
  • Save Time: No more scheduled oil changes. (Saves time and hassle.) 
  • Less Worries: Less parts in EV's  means less worrying about maintenance and service. 


  • Safe Batteries: Individual cells and advanced risk management systems support safety.
  • Crash Test: New systems often require greater levels of safety and testing than established technology. 
  • Safety: Lower center of gravity helps reduce rollovers.


  • Efficiency: electric engines are on the average 4x more efficient compared to conventional cars. 
  • Maintenance: Powered by magnetic fields, an electric moto can outlast a vehicle lifespan. 
  • Power: Instant torque provides power straight to the wheels, eliminating traditional transmissions.


  •  Eco Friendly: EV's produce zero tailpipe emissions and drastically reduce noise pollution. 
  • Renewable Energy: Charging with renewable energy sources allow EV's to operate on 0 clean energy. 
  • Less Emissions: Reduced pollution substantially improves air qulity and livability. 



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