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Walk into Casanova Restaurant and you wander into a Piazza where the food delights your soul and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. Tony Crescente, owner and true Italian, has always prided himself on offering the authentic taste of his homeland to people that long to experience the wonderful cuisine of his enchanted country.

As you enter, the staff welcomes you as though you are related by blood. It is this kind of incredibly rich feeling of tradition that has made Casanova's a top restaurant in its field, set apart from the rest as it is devoted to Italian cuisine from recipes handed down through generations.

The view of the Caribbean Sea is perfect for a memorable luncheon or a romantic evening. You could be sitting in Tuscany or Positano, with the taste of olive oil on your lips and a famous tenor singing in the background.

Even Carlo, Tony's younger brother, works in the restaurant, giving the feeling of being in a traditional family-run Italian ristorante. Always good humoured and smiling, these siblings will do all they can to attend to all of your culinary needs.

You will truly love the way that you are treated at Casanova–as though you are the only person in the room. Everyone has a ready smile, and the wonderful accents make any woman feel special. When feeling low, there's nothing like a resounding "Bella! Bella!" to make one feel beautiful again. The only thing better than the atmosphere at Casanova is its extraordinary food!

Buon Appetito!

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