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Cayman Doctors - Photo2
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Cayman Doctors_Video-1
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Dr. Else Christoffersen,
MB., B.Ch., LRSP & SI, McS Dermatology (Cardiff). 

Dr. Christoffersen has a Diploma and MSc in practical dermatology from the Cardiff University having completed her dissertation on "Common dermatological conditions in richly pigmented skin" with distinction.

Dr. Christoffersen is originally from Norway and qualified as a medical doctor (M.B. BCh., BAO, LRCPI, LRCSI, ) from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (National University of Ireland) in 1989. She received her postgraduate training in Canada and UK. Dr. Christoffersen has been practicing in Cayman Islands since 2008 prior to which she was worked in Canada and Jamaica. She has extensive experience and training in dermatology including skin cancer screening and treatment as well as family medicine. She offers a holistic approach to the aesthetic consultation combining different treatment methods to address your concerns (aging with loss of volume /texture or wrinkles; pigmentation disorders; inflammation; rosacea; acne; etc.) in order to maximize your well-being and skin health. Being aware that the appearance of your neck, chest, hand and body is to your total self-image these areas can also be addressed. The confidence of knowing that you look your best has been shown in scientific studies to be a significant factor in improving self-esteem.

She has been appointed a Senior Aviation Examiner - AME - by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and the Cayman Islands Civil Aviation Authority.

She is the Panel Physician for Citizenship and Immigration Canada in Cayman Islands.

Dr. Christoffersen is a member in good standing of:

Cayman Island Medical and Dental Council (CIMDC)
General Medical Council (UK)
Medical Council (Ireland)
Medical Council of Jamaica
The Dermatology Continuing Professional Development Society (DCPDS)
Harvard Medical School Postgraduate Association
The Caribbean College of Family Physicians
Cool Sculpting® Certified Physician

She holds the following appointments:

Panel physician for Canadian Immigration
Aviation Medicine Examiner (FAA and Cayman Islands CAA)

Dr. Caroline Quartly
BScPT, Grad. Dip. Man. Ther. (Aus), FAANEM

Dr. Caroline Quartly is a specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and in Electromyography

Prior to entering medical school Dr. Quartly received a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy from Columbia University, New York City, and later, a graduate diploma in Manipulative Therapy from the Western Australian Institute of Technology. During those years she worked, studied, and/or taught as a physiotherapist in New York City; Lausanne, Switzerland; Caracas, Venezuela; Montreal and Toronto, Canada; and in Perth, Australia.

Presently she is licensed to practice Rehabilitation medicine and electromyography in the Provinces of British Columbia, and Ontario, and in the Cayman Islands.

Born in Galashiels Scotland, Dr. Quartly proudly holds both Caymanian Status, and Canadian Citizenship. Before moving to Victoria, BC Dr. Quartly was Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at McMaster University from 1989 through 2005 under the division of neurology. She served as an elected member to counsel of the Toronto Medicolegal Society for three years

Dr Quartly assumed an interim role as Medical Director of the Foot and Leg Ulcer Clinic in Victoria, BC, until 2009. She subsequently went on to found the Collaborative Spasticity Programme at the Queen Alexandra hospital in Victoria BC. The programme combines physiotherapy, orthotics and targeted Botox injection for functional management of focal spasticity, (utilizing Gaitrite and Dartfish technology to analyze gait and monitor clinical outcome as objectively as possible): the CSP is actively involved in clinical research with the University of Victoria.

Cayman Doctors is a brand new and unique healthcare facility offering family medicine and
physical & rehabilitation medicine under one roof.
The services provided include:
•    General & Family Practice
•    Preventative Medicine
•    Well women & men check ups
•    An invitation to wellness.
     Through lifestyle intervention, we prevent and treat chronic conditions, such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, high-cholesterol and more.   
     Let us help you stay healthy or get back to health!
•    Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
•    Electromyographic consultation
•    EMG nerve testing for neurological conditions
•    Botox for pain, headaches, spasticity and hyperhidrosis
•    Medicolegal and Disability
•    Skin check & mole mapping with FotoFinder system®
•    Skin biopsies & minor surgery
•    Photodynamic therapy for skin cancer and rejuvenation
•    Panel physician for Canadian Immigration
•    Aviation Medical Examiner for FAA & CIAA
•    Work Permit / Insurance Medicals


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