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Over the past 38 years The Cayman Drama Society (CDS) has been the conduit where new residents have come to meet new friends. Many long standing members searched us out in the “old days” , to meet new people and, at the same time, participate in a fun hobby. The Cayman Drama Society (CDS) was founded by a small group of theatrical minded people having successfully staged "See How They Run" in 1970. In 1973 CDS received its "not-for-profit" status. The CDS used various venues over the next 17 years to stage numerous performances, and in 1990 the Prospect Playhouse was opened. Over the course of the next 14 years the Playhouse was the venue for over 80 productions. In 2004 Hurricane Ivan caused considerable damage to the Playhouse. During 2005 the rebuilding took place with the Society staging 5 small productions while work was going on. In 2006 the "new" Playhouse was reopened with the production of "Peter Pan, The Musical". The expanded stage gave height and space to allow for "flying" equipment to be staged for the first time in the Cayman Islands.


Today CDS is a vibrant community theatre. The Society is committed to providing quality live theatre to educate, enrich and entertain, while providing lifelong learning opportunities and fostering creative expression. We are looking for enthusiastic thespians, directors, producers, stage managers, technicians, lighting, sound and new friends.    Our website lists our past, current and upcoming productions. Visit us at 


If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact us at   [email protected]


Membership levels include:

Junior                        $10 per annum

Individual                 $20 per annum

5 Year                       $80

Lifetime                    $200


Benefits include:

Quarterly Prospectus newsletter

Opportunity to take an active role in Theatre Arts in Cayman

Opportunity to attend workshops at discounted prices

Preview night discounts

Opportunities to be on or back stage

Opportunities to serve on fun committees

Voting privileges for board members

Invitation to Production meetings

Members only functions


Join us today.


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We're here to help. Send us an email or call us at (345) 947-ECAY (3229)