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Cayman Islands Humane Society - Brac Branch

In 2002, the Cayman Islands Humane Society recognized the animal welfare activities of Karen Fraser and Debby Scott on the Brac and formally asked them to become a branch. Previously, these 2 women had been helping animals in distress on their own. They covered the costs by selling used paperback books at Coconut Boutique at Divi and making up the balance themselves. As the numbers of animals needing help were growing, this invitation to become a branch was quite a blessing. With the help of the CIHS, the Brac Branch has been able to expand the services they could offer to Brac animals, even walking dogs for the elderly if requested.

At present the Brac Branch continues to sell paperbacks at 2 locations, maintains a Thrift Shop called "Paws and Claws" and hosts a fundraising event at the beginning of the Christmas season.  Funds raised help maintain 2 cat feeding stations and supplement the supply of pet food for various households.

Cayman Airways allows free passage for animals needing immediate veterinary care, and Island Veterinary Services visits the Brac for two days a month, performing spay/neuter procedures and regular checkups.

On a small piece of donated land in the Government Agricultural Center on the Bluff, this group has poured their hearts and souls into a pet hurricane shelter, Noah's Ark. This shelter boasts 50 large sized dog crates, and many more cat crates. Through 4 hurricanes, they have never turned anyone away, also taking birds and even fishbowls!

For more information please contact Karen Fraser at 948 2625 or email [email protected]

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