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Cayman Mail Services
Cayman Mail Services
Cayman Mail Services

Introducing Cayman’s first residential mail box mail and Parcel delivery service.

You have the option to receive and send your Mail and parcels from the comfort of your home.

With this stainless steel durable mailbox you don’t have to worry about your mail getting wet, stolen or destroyed and the great part is that you can check it anytime!

Prevent those timely consuming postal box checks and long lines and sign up today with Cayman Mail Services.

We guarantee that your mail and parcels will be delivered in a safe, fast and reliable manner without having to leave the comfort of your home. 

Cayman Mail Services (CMS) is a local Mail Service that will give our residents an option to receive and send their Mail right from their home. The main goal will be to help prevent those time consuming Postal Box checks and with guarantee that your Mail is delivered in a safe, fast and reliable manner with out having to leave the comfort of your residence. Cayman Mail Services (CMS) will consist of parcel clearance and delivery upon request Pick up and drop off of incoming and outgoing mail at any residence. We will also be providing residential owners with a Mail Box. This Mail Box will have to be installed at their location and it is made out of stainless steal so it’s completely durable & reliable when it comes down to the weather and keeping the mail dry. It will also come with a Key as its main way of access however this Key will only be assessable to both the resident and (CMS) the service provider. There will be only two types of Mail Boxes that we will provide and they are The Standard Mail Box and The Wall mounted Mail Box.

•    The Standard Mail Box (A Mail Box that is mounted on the top of a pole and then inserted firmly into the ground).

•    The wall Mounted Mail Box (A Mail Box that is fascine to a concreted area for a very neat and unique look).

Upon installation of one of both Mail Boxes the addressee will either close their existing Post Box or continue to utilize it with an option to have the Postal Office forward any incoming Mail into Cayman Mail Services (CMS) existing Postal Box Account. This can only be done with a written consent of the original Postal Box owner, as the Postal Department will need confirmation to remove any Mail from a Postal Box. Once the Mail has been removed from any Postal Box, the Post Office will be no longer responsible or liable for that Mail; Cayman Mail Services (CMS) will stand fully responsible until our contracted services are carried out.

After the addressee chooses an option whether to close or keep their existing Postal Box there will be a contract set in place. This contract will be for 1 year Min bind between the applicant and Cayman Mail Services (CMS). The agreement will be to clear the applicants existing or non existing Postal Box with an option to clear parcels as well as delivering both safely to the applicant’s residence. We will also take any out going mail from the customer’s designated Mail Box at the residence and deliver it to the Post Office.

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