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Chicken! Chicken! Caribbean - Wood Roasted

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Come to Chicken! Chicken!for lunch or dinner - it's like a vacation on the porch of a Caribbean Cottage! The great, open hearth rotisserie, the crackling wood fire, the savory aromas, the vibrant colors, and pleasant smiles -all of these invite you to enjoy a taste of the Islands.

Chicken! Chicken! originated here in Grand Cayman, one of the three tiny Cayman Islands, west of Jamaica and south of Cuba - perhaps the most friendly, beautiful Islands in the Caribbean Sea. Created by the Woods Family nearly 20 years ago, this delightful Caribbean restaurant celebrates the delicious, healthy, and simple pleasures of life in the Islands.

Hardwood roasting is the oldest form of Island cooking. Chicken! Chicken! marinates the freshest chickens in natural citrus, herbs and spices, then slow roasts them overa fire so hot that the fat drips out naturally, but the juicy tenderness and natural flavors are seared right in. You can see it for yourself.. .but the best part is tasting it! Caribbean Wood Roasted chicken is not only truly delicious - it's good for you too!

Based on independent tests of equal weights of a wing, breast, drumstick, and thigh, Chicken! Chicken!'* Caribbean Wood Roasted chicken has:

  • 66% less fat...
  • 46% less sodium...
  • 48% less calories and...
  • 51% more protein than fried chicken.


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