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There's No Place Like Cimboco...
Cimboco - A Caribbean Cafe
Cimboco - A Caribbean Cafe
Cimboco - A Caribbean Cafe
Cimboco - A Caribbean Cafe
Seared Salmon & Conch Chowder
Plaintain Wrapped Callaloo
Relax on our outdoor seating area
Feeling Hungry... Yum... Vernon is waiting to cook for you
There's No Place Like Cimboco...
Red Conch Chowder
Shrimp Gnocchi
Come By Today & Try Our Chocolate Cheese Cake Brownie
Cimboco's Egg Benne
Kman Omelet
5 for $5.00 Breakfast At Cimboco...Mon-Fri
5 for $5.00 Breakfast At Cimboco...Mon-Fri
Pork Chops with Pineapple Relish
Pastelles with Grilled Vegetables
Lamb Skewers
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Cimboco - A Caribbean Cafe

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CIMBOCO is a modern-day mix of all fun things Caribbean, ...a delightful combination of colors, action, aromas and flavours, all set in intimate and fun surroundings. This Café features savory and delicious pastas, fire roasted roti, pizzas, and rustic sandwiches, homemade breads and desserts - but each day the Chefs offer enticing specials highlighting the best available produce and seafood 'on Island'...

CIMBOCO is an original taste of the 'new' Caribbean cuisine you can afford to enjoy everyday - and it was created right here in the Cayman Islands.

Her launching in May 1927 was a great day in the history of the Cayman Islands," Miss Annie Huldah Bodden, secretary (until 1947), Cayman Islands Motor Boat Company.

CIMBOCO - so named for her owner -- was the first locally built, motorized sailing ship in Cayman. For twenty years, she was Cayman's connection to the world, introducing regular travel, shipping, and parcel post, and providing the first reliable supply of staple and exotic foods, such as flour, sugar, fruit, and even ice!

In Miss Annie's words, "CIMBOCO was the Islands' Life Line" in exciting and changing times. Along with brave captains and crew, the credit for the ship's success belongs to master shipbuilder Capt. Rayal Brazley Bodden and Dr. Roy McTaggart, both legendary contributors in the history of Cayman. This Restaurant celebrates one of their great achievements.

Come Celebrate CIMBOCO. Enjoy exciting & fun dining from the heart of these Islands, with "New World" flavours, "Old World" value, and a good time you can count on, time & again!

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