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CornerStone Construction is a newly formed construction company. Joining the construction industry and managing a series of construction projects.  Lead Project Manager O’Dell Suarez noticed one commonality among the General Local Contractors; lack of progress report and expenditure report. Being a former Finance Manager with one of the world’s largest bank here in Cayman and managing multi-million dollar Balance Sheet and Income Statements, financial management is the pulse of any business, venture and project.  Stakeholders have the right to know what is happening with their investments on a constant basis and your construction development or renovation is just that, your Investment!

Our motto is “Transparency leaves no room for ambiguity!”

•    Sit with us and learn cost saving techniques for your construction or renovation project.
•    Receive period expenditure report on your project along with official progress reports.

The steps to building:
1.    Establish your budget with your financial institution
2.    Speak to a Contractor to see the square footage, structure type and finishes that can be obtained with your intended budget
3.    Convey items from speaking to the Contractor to the Architect and have plans drawn to specifications and approved by Planning Department of your jurisdiction
4.    Obtain a Quantity Surveyor’s report with the drawings along with other estimates from other Contractors
5.    Select the Contractor of choice (keep in mind that the lowest estimate doesn’t always mean the right choice)
6.    Get financing from your financial institution of choice
7.    Break ground upon receipt of your building permit




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