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"Da Shack", is located at 127 North Church Street, in the island's business district. It is a tastefully rustic "waterfront chill spot,” where guests enjoy a level of dining and service, with a caribbean vibe so natural they feel as though they are visiting the home of good friends rather than eating at a restaurant.

Da Shack offers an array of fresh, locally caught seafood as well as sandwiches, hamburgers & steaks. In addition to the food menu, there is a full service bar, providing an array of locally inspired cocktails as well as a selection of wine beer and champagne.

When you’re looking for great tasting food, an authentic Caymanian atmosphere, and a place to just wind down and enjoy the good life, Da Fish Shack is where you need to be. Stop by today and sample the terrific cuisine as you chill on our deck overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

We are also a great place to have your corporate or other special events.

Da Restaurant

The atmosphere is casual and friendly with the enticing aroma of fresh fish cooking and good local food permeating the air. The richness of the experience is further enhanced by efficient yet unobtrusive servers.

Da Fish Shack is committed to offering the freshest local ingredients of the highest quality. This place believes that one of the greatest pleasures on earth is to eat the produce from the land and sea that surround you, and to take the time to enjoy it. The aim is to provide a truly Caribbean experience in the perfect environment. The menu features predominately fish dishes prepared in different ways, and the signature dish is served whole, just the way nature intended. The management has an established relationship with local fishermen to provide the best ingredients, straight from the sea. You can’t get any fresher than that!

The location affords guests a distinctive surrounding where there is time to relax and appreciate the beauty of nature. This visual feast mixed with art, great music and tantalising flavours infuse the senses with a feeling of well being.

Da Shack

Da Fish Shack is located in a 1600 square foot structure at 127 North Church Street, a fascinating old building which actually inspired the owners to develop the site. Built in 1932 from an old fishing vessel “the “Cali”, the building is a true representation of original Caymanian architecture, so people can stop by to admire the design and stay for the food!

Cali was a 220ft four mast schooner. She was carrying grain when she ran aground and as the grain absorbed the seawater that was leaking in, it quickly expanded and caused the doom of the ship. Since the Cali had become a serious hazard to navigation in the area, it was decided in 1957, that the British Army Corp of Engineers would blow her up. The Cali now lies scattered over a very large area.

A diverse history, from local residence, to building of catboats, to chocolate making has occurred within these wooden walls. It's varied past inspiring what is now known as " Da Fish Shack", a place to meet, eat and drink. A casual arena for locals and tourists alike.

Come enjoy, relax and vibe with true Caribbean cuisine, assorted rums and cocktails.

"Da Fish Shack" a little bit of Cayman history served on a plate with a face.

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