Education in the Cayman Islands

Standards of education in the Cayman Islands are relatively high. According to the Cayman Islands Government, the Islands are currently achieving a 90% literacy rate. Although there is no welfare state in the Cayman, the Government has invested heavily in education. Education is free, and mandatory, for every 4-16 year old Caymanian. There are also a range of private and tertiary education establishments.

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The Islands’ public education system is based on the English model. There are primary schools for ages 4-11 in each district of Grand Cayman and in Cayman Brac. Secondary education is provided by two government high schools in Grand Cayman and one in Cayman Brac. Little Cayman has a tiny school-age population. Schooling takes place in the Island, and relies heavily upon the use of new technology for learning and communication.

The schools follow the Caribbean Examinations Council curriculum, which is very similar to the English GCSE system.

At tertiary level the Islands benefit from a community college, the University College, and George Town Law School, which are both sited in Grand Cayman. University College provides a range of vocational training, associate degrees and evening classes. The Law School runs a three year Batchelor of Law degree in conjunction with the University of Liverpool. Students can alternatively undertake a Diploma in Legal Studies or a five-year attorney-at-law course.

The Government also provides the Alternative Education Centre for secondary age pupils with behavioral difficulties and a program of education for pupils with special needs.

For more information about public education in the Cayman Islands, visit the Education Department’s website


There are a number of private primary and secondary schools in Grand Cayman, including some specialist and some religious schools. The private schools tend to follow either the British or the American education systems.
All pre-school care in Cayman is privately-run, although the National Council of Voluntary Organizations runs three pre-schools.

The International College of the Cayman Islands focuses on business education and office administration. Affiliated with a number of universities in the USA, it offers degrees, including masters, in accounting, banking, business administration, and courses in secretarial skills.

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