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Feline Friends
Feline Friends
Feline Friends

Feline Friends Ltd is a non-profit organization which was registered in April 2011 in the Cayman Islands.  We are a small group of dedicated volunteers whose mission is to break the reproductive cycle of homeless cats through the proven and effective Trap-Neuter-Return method and to also provide food and shelter through our Cat Café program to ensure their healthier survival.  We have spayed and neutered in excess of 7,900 cats and strive to spay or neuter at least 60 cats each month.



Feral cats are the "wild" offspring of domestic cats and are primarily the result of pet owners' abandonment or failure to spay and neuter their animals, allowing them to breed uncontrollably. They live in colonies and can survive by hunting.  They also seek food and shelter around human habitation but are elusive and shy.
There is a large population of homeless cats throughout the Cayman Islands.  They play an important role in keeping down the rodent population, but we do need to control the ever-growing population.  A pair of breeding cats, which can have two or more litters per year, can exponentially produce 420,000 offspring over a seven-year period.

Removing cat colonies by euthanasia does not work – it only creates a vacuum and other cats will almost always move into the now-available territory.



Studies have proven that Trap-Neuter-Return is the single most successful method of stabilizing and maintaining healthy cat colonies with the least possible cost to local governments and residents, while providing the best life for the animals too. Volunteers will set humanely designed cat traps, using food with a strong odour to attract the cats.  When caught, the cats are transported to a veterinarian where they are spayed or neutered, de-wormed then ear-notched to identify them as being sterilized.  They are then returned to the same location they know as their home.  This creates a strong, healthy, non-reproductive population that guards their territory against rodents and other strays.  Tame adults and kittens can be put up for adoption.



The basic concept of the Cat Café is to provide a permanent feeding area for homeless cats.  Colonies of cats tend to gather at hotels, restaurants or condominiums where food can be scavenged.  Visitors to the island are often upset at the sight of hungry, unwanted cats roaming around.  It is therefore recommended that after sterilization, a daily feeding program be introduced.  The program is not only beneficial to the proprietor, as cats control the rodent population, but is an innovative and humane way of solving the ongoing problem of homeless cats. A unique sign-posted structure can create a pro-active and positive image.



In order to continue our mission, we depend on the goodwill of the public.  We always need cat food, large towels, bowls, traps and cages, as well as volunteers to trap, feed daily, or transport cats.  Public donations are our only source of income and are always gratefully appreciated. 

Feline Friends also appreciates help from the community, in identifying specific areas where there are a large number of homeless cats congregating. We need all of Cayman to be our eyes - working together we can create a better future for our unfortunate homeless cats!

Please email us at  [email protected]




I've Found a Stray I'd Like To Keep. What Do I Do Now?

The first step is a visit to the vet for a thorough checkup, especially if you have other cats at home. Spaying or Neutering is a must. After your new friend returns home, keep him or her in a quiet room, separated, to recover. We have assembled a few tips for new cat owners below.



You Will Need:  

  1.  A litter tray  and scoop, and clumping litter is easiest to use
  2. Nutritious Dry and/or tinned food
  3. A Scratching Post
  4. Ceramic or Stainless Steel Food and Water Bowls
  5. A Cat Brush for grooming
  6. Toys – plastic balls, catnip pouches and toy mice are great. Also use household items- cats will love a long piece of string or yarn, and a balled up sheet of paper


What You Must Know: 

  1. The first 2 or 3 days, keep your new cat in one room with litter, food & water. Let him explore the rest of your home when you are there.  Do NOT open your front door if he is in the living room for at least 2 weeks – if he makes a dash for it, you might not catch him!  Once he realizes that this is his new home, he will not try to escape.
  2. Always keep him indoors – safe from cars & disease.  There are dangerous dogs outside as well- keep your new friend safe!
  3. Never wash a cat – they keep themselves clean by licking.  They love to be brushed –once a week is a good start.
  4. Get a tube of Hairball medicine (from any pet store) which the cat will lick from your finger. Needed once per week to prevent hair-balls.
  5. Remember to keep the water bowl full and fresh- the dry food makes them very thirsty.
  6. Feed twice per day. As a kitten, feed as much as he wants-  he is growing and may eat quite a bit. As an adult, the measurements on the side of the box or can are a good guide.
  7. Remove clumps from litter tray & top up daily.  Replace with all new litter monthly, and wash empty litter tray with soap, water and bleach periodically to keep it odor-free.
  8. If you need to give medication it is very easy if you mix it into a tablespoon of wet food.
  9. Make sure that your pet is taken care of during hurricanes.  If you cannot take him to a safe place with you please contact the Humane Society to find out where to take him.
  10. Play with your cat, and talk to him!  Petting and play are the best ways to bond with your new lifelong best friend!

If You Need Help: 

  1. Feel free to contact Feline Friends at  [email protected]
  2. The Humane Society can be reached at 949-1461
  3. Below is a list of Cayman Island Veterinarians:
    Cayman Animal Hospital (Dr. Lana Watler and Associates)
    Phone:  946-8387 -  Fax: 946-7387
    Emergency Number After Hours: 916-7387
    Island Veterinary Services
    (Dr. Brenda Bush and Associates)
    Phone: 949-0787 -  Fax: 945-4712
    Emergency Number After Hours: 916-2459 
    The Veterinary Clinic and Specialty Boarding (Dr. Alfred Benjamin) 
    Countryside Village Centre – Savannah
    Phone: 926-1242 -  Fax: 946-9120 
    Emergency Number After Hours:  926-1242


Get in Touch

Got a Question?

We're here to help. Send us an email or call us at (345) 947-ECAY (3229)