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Hope Academy is a private, co-educational institution that provides a full time educational program, after school therapy and tutoring, as well as summer programs. 

Our current student body includes students in Pre-Kindergarten 4 Year Old program through 10th grade. Expansion will continue to Grade 12.  To best serve our students, class sizes are limited to 12 students.

Hope Academy is designed for all students, especially those who benefit from a smaller class size. We cater to students  with average to above-average intelligence, who may be performing below their potential due to the following:

* Specific learning difficulties,  

* ADHD,       

* High-functioning Pervasive Developmental Disorder (or mild Autistic Spectrum Disorder),      

* Anxiety based Disorders,  

* Gifted profile

The teachers of Hope Academy are trained to work with students who learn differently. Their methods include a variety of techniques to enhance each child’s learning. Through creating a non-threatening environment and planning fun opportunities for learning, our teachers are key elements in each child’s success.
 Special services, such as Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, or Behavior Management Instruction, are also offered through our facility. When required, these sessions are incorporated within the school day.

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