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Hyundai - Prestige Motors Ltd.

Ssang Yong

Having settled into our new home it certainly has been good. 2009 recorded us as the TOP single Brand distributor in the Cayman Islands. Now you can see Hyundais' everywhere.

Since the invention of the automobile in 1886 - one of the triumphs of the modern industrial age - the world's top five automakers have had just over a century to achieve their current level of technologies. Hyundai Motor Company's corporate history is much shorter. Founded in 1967 in Korea, Hyundai Motor Company has scaled numerous obstacles and overcome the odds to earn global recognition for the advanced technology and quality of its automobiles. What has made all the difference is the people of Hyundai Motor Company and their courage to dream the impossible dream. In just over three decades, Hyundai Motor Company has grown into the world's eighth largest automaker.

Never complacent with its achievements, the company is pressing ahead to achieve its goal of joining the ranks of the world's elite automakers - the global top five - backed by its sophisticated R&D capabilities, state-of-the-art production facilities at home and abroad plus aggressive market strategies.

In 2014 Prestige Motors acquired the franchises of SMC (Ssangyong Motor Company) and Mahindra REVA expanding our model offerings in Diesel and Electric....see them today at Prestige Motors

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