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IDG International Design Group LTD

International Design Group is a full service interior design firm that specializes in creating distinguishable environments through innovative design and creative talent.
IDG opened its retail space at 7Mile shops in 2004, a month before hurricane Ivan. “Our goal was to create a niche in the high-end quality furnishings and design market that was not otherwise being filled”, (Ashleigh Lund). 

Along with innovative spatial planning, renovations and Kitchen and Bath design, IDG offers a vast array of resources from furnishings, fabrics and artwork to lighting and accessories, enabling the designers to work within any style to create notable interiors that are as distinct and individual as their clients.

Over the years, IDG has built a small team of experienced professional designers that work together to provide a level of service that is unparalleled. “We believe our team approach is an advantage to our clients and also necessary to manage all aspects of our projects while still providing the most comprehensive service in the Marketplace”, (Ashleigh).

The creative vision behind IDG and the unique style the company has become known for, stems from Partner and Design Director, Cara Saladino, trained by the University of Texas at Austin’s prestigious School of Architecture. Having worked very closely with different Architects and Designers both in Cayman and throughout the globe, Cara brings to the table a very comprehensive grasp on creative design and space planning that is both refreshing and unexpected, (Ashleigh). “The experience of our team is invaluable when working with developers to translate the design concepts for interior finishes.  We believe that the finishes are what sell a home, while the furnishings communicate the personality of the owner and can be changed or removed to suit different individuals. The interior finishes are the ‘jewels of the home’ and can make a tremendous impact on the value and aesthetic impression it resonates for its occupants”, (Cara).

Our designers are noticeably passionate about their industry and take great pride in staying “absolutely current on materials, finishes and innovations in the trade because that knowledge is critical to the firm’s ongoing success and helps IDG remain at the forefront of the industry” (Ashleigh).

Some of the larger developments IDG has worked on and will be Partners with going forward, are The Water’s Edge on Seven Mile Beach, completed in 2007, the long anticipated WaterColours due to complete in 2011 and, most recently, the Phase 2 Multi-family Residences at Camana Bay, scheduled to begin in early 2011. 

While the design team often becomes attached to the projects they work closely on, they also develop relationships with their individual clients that have endured beyond completion of the job because “it is the personalized service combined with creative talent that sets us apart from our competition and we really enjoy what we do” (Ashleigh). The team may work with a client for up to two years from the architectural drawing stage through to completion and furnishings, so follow-up and communication have been paramount to the success of the team.

IDG specializes in individual residences and condos and can confidently work within most budgets. “Our aim is finding ways to meet any budget so that style is available to everyone. We understand the need for well designed furniture packages for rental properties and private residences, so we offer both value and quality to our clients with a number of options for customization” (Cara).

For The Water’s Edge, IDG worked closely with the developer to compliment the compelling views, maximized in the design and architecture of the project. “The Developer gave our team a lot of latitude in creating the space. Mr. Wellon understands the need to include our designers as an intricate part of the development team and it is reflected in the integrity of the finished product”. (Cara).

The highly anticipated WaterColours broke ground earlier this year, on the old Beach Club Colony site, and will consist of 39 luxury residences available in three- and four-bedroom floor plans. The developers have included IDG in every aspect of the planning in order to maximize the design and space elements right down to electrical layouts, lighting and common area finishes. “It is critical to include IDG as part of the development team from the onset of our project. We will be highly engaged even before breaking ground. We are very pleased to continue our exceptional working relationship with IDG’s phenomenal team. Their service and luxury furniture lines are unmatched on the Island. We not only want to create a beautiful space, but we want to create one that provides function for our residents”, (Fraser Wellon, Cayman Overseas Development). IDG will again have full design, source and supply, over the common areas of WaterColours, including; the beachfront owners’ conservatory, patio and multi-tiered pool area, boardroom, manager and security offices and four owner’s guest suites that will be provided to residents for their staff and visitors.

Most recently, IDG was proud to announce the interior design contract for the Phase 2 Residences at Camana Bay. The team is really enthusiastic about working with the award-winning Camana Bay project team to help translate their vision. “IDG has a ‘signature style’ that people can recognize immediately. We hired their design team to communicate that ‘signature’ into our vision of a unique style for Camana Bay Residences”. (John Hillman, Director of Sales, Camana Bay).

IDG’S 5,000 square foot showroom is located at 7Mile Shops and offers a fresh and exciting designer showcase of what the team can do using the manufacturers they represent exclusively. Baker, McGuire, DEDON, Century, CISCO and Environment are among the many brands on display.  “Our exclusive dealerships are set up so that we can offer our clients the absolute best pricing, most direct and efficient purchasing, product knowledge and availability straight from the sources. Many of our high-end manufacturers have begun to offer more aggressive price points as well, in response to the economy so our customers can walk away with a designer sofa at a very attractive price point. Quality and value are essential to IDG and “We understand our clients have a choice so we have worked especially hard over the years to make our pricing competitive with the States and give our clients the incentive they need to work with our team. We are very confident that we offer the best inclusive value on products and services available because to do business in Cayman, we understand that you must be competitive and offer something extraordinary to your clients” (Ashleigh Lund, Executive Director, IDG).

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