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Miracle Brokers...You Can Always Depend On Us
Miracle Brokers International Ltd Ready for Kempton
Getting Miss Cayman ready for Miss Cayman Universe at Miracle Brokers Int'l
Miracle Brokers International Ltd Packing with care
Miracle Brokers International Ltd - Photo2
Detail are important
Miracle Brokers International Ltd - Photo2
Miracle Brokers International Ltd Proud sponcor of Miss Cayman Islands 16/17 Monyque Brooks
Miracle Brokers International Ltd Carefully unloading your cargo.
Large or small items can be moved when using Miracle Brokers
Miracle Brokers International Ltd - Photo2
Miracle Brokers always makes sure your cargo is well strapped in and secured
We take care of all your moving
Our workers are determine to get your cargo to you.
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Miracle Brokers International Ltd

Free Quote

At Miracle Brokers we make moving easy. Whether you need household relocation, delivery services, full custom brokerage, overseas consolidation, commercial moving, packing materials, overseas consolidation or inter island moving. We do it all!!

Let us guide you through our services. Please call us for a quote today.

Household Packing & Moving

So you are moving overseas or to another island location. Two choices await you.

(a) Do it yourself …plan, worry, exasperate yourself, pack, ship. Worry if you missed an important step that could cost you dearly, in delay, or loss.

(b) Use Miracle Brokers Moving team. We will bring you peace of mind, convenience, no worry, no sweat, no problem. Simply tell us what you need to move, and where. We pack, move, un-pack, reassemble and setup to your standards.

Commercial (Office Relocation) Move

When you require relocation of your office or your business, you need a worry free exercise. Your business move requirement may include an inter-office shuffle or swap, a new address on island, or an international relocation. Time is money and your business' move demands flawless execution and minimum down time.

We offer after hours, through the night and weekend services. Our staff are suitably equipped, with a reputation of efficient delivery.

Customs Broker

Navigating custom requirements can make great demands on you. Knowing who attracts duty, who is exempt, what attracts duty, and at what rate, makes all the difference in the world to your budget and to your peace of mind. Miracle Brokers will manage custom clearance from document to delivery, saving valuable time and worry.


Miracle Brokers takes care of your valuables from the start. We provide specialized crating for your valuables, personal effects or commercial equipment. Crating is recommended for long distance moves as it protects your cargo from damage, weather conditions, and easy access for pilferage. Crated items will also attract better rates when buying insurance coverage. Our crates comply with the European Union and United States of America standards using NON-MANUFACTURED WOOD MATERIAL.

Freight Forwarding

When importing and exporting worldwide it is vital to have an experienced freight forwarder which is familiar with the standard requirements for processing under the new jurisdiction. Miracle Brokers saves you money, worry and consternation, by planning the most expedient route and mode of transportation and drafting industry partners world wide. We are the gateway to the Asian market.

Miracle Brokers tracks your items, keeping you informed and relaxed.

Freight Consolidation

Our Freight Forwarders offer weekly consolidation service from Miami and Tampa. Consolidations allow multiple customers to combine their cargo with other shipments that are bound for the same destination, thereby affording them the full container rate charges. When purchasing abroad call us for more information.

Furniture Assembly

The assembly of furniture can be time consuming, so let the professionals at Miracle Brokers help you. We assemble office & home furniture at your on island location.

Pre-clearance Perishables

Pre-clearance is a quick release procedure that allows a declaration to be submitted to Customs and processed before the arrival of goods. Pre-clearance can be granted for to perishable goods.


Insurance is taken seriously and we offer full coverage at all times. “Time and quality is more important than cost.”

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We're here to help. Send us an email or call us at (345) 947-ECAY (3229)