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Prime Commercial Space Available! Conveniently located just off the CNB Roundabout, Cayman Technology Centre (CTC) is attracting industry leaders and innovators. As the largest off-grid solar installation in the Caribbean, sustainability is at the core of CTC. This state-of-the-art commercial space will be cooled with geothermal technology and completely powered with solar energy, thereby having a significant eco-friendly impact on the environment. Tenants will experience exceptional savings through fixed rental and CAM rates, inclusive of electricity. With only a few spaces available ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 sq. ft. contact 345.946.9622 or email [email protected] for leasing opportunities.


NCB Construction offers its clients a multifaceted approach to homebuilding. The company, established in 2009, takes clients through the entire building process from concept and design to final finishing and landscaping. Although it faces a weaker market than in past years, the company confidently pushes toward the future.

"Our operation remains strong because we’re the only construction company in Cayman that offers planning, architectural design and contracting services under one umbrella," Managing Director, Matthew Wight asserts. "Our architects, managers and contractors work as one congruent team to build quality homes." He adds that this approach eliminates the adversarial relationships that sometimes cause rifts between stakeholders.

As an established company, NCB's salespeople have developed strong relationships with clients to understand their preferences. The staff is also very knowledgeable in Cayman’s planning laws and processes, which facilitates both the development and building processes. NCB has also distinguished itself by pioneering insulated concrete form (ICF) construction in Cayman. According to Bill Cherry, Construction Manager, "ICF construction simplifies the wall-building process and eliminates About NCB Group"

NCB was established in 2001 by Naul Bodden, one of the most established and successful real estate developers in Cayman. The company's goal was focused on not just building homes but on creating communities, ones that thrive and remain self sufficient long after the developer has moved on.

NCB has grown to cover 8 distinct service lines: Design, Construction, Development, Project Management, Property Services, Electrical, Plumbing, GeoThermal and Cooling and Landscape Design. The NCB one stop shop approach to residential home building covers concept design, planning approvals, surveying, actual home construction, landscaping and connection of property to utility networks (power, water and sewerage).

NCB expands this basic package to also include client customization, with experienced in office personnel who can walk through each stage designing and coordinating every aspect from exterior to interior finishings.

This one stop shop service has established NCB today as the premier residential developer in the Cayman Islands. Our hands on approach from the conceptual plan and acquisition of raw land through to completion of infrastructure works and residence ensures the quality of all our communities is in keeping with the perceived style and special connectivity that forms the project vision.


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