Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen - Photo2
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen - Photo2
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen - Photo2
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Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen



Newest Popeyes Location Opened its Doors to Offer Louisiana-inspired Eats

Aspiring to bring a bit of Louisiana heritage to the hearts of Grand Cayman Island residents, franchise owners Gary and Angel Rutty of Ba-You Holdings, Ltd. cooked up the great taste of Louisiana fast with the grand opening of the first Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen restaurant on the island, April 20, 2010.

The new restaurant located at Eastern Ave, Grand Cayman is one of two restaurants Ba-You Holdings, Ltd. plans to open and adds a new country to the Popeyes portfolio.

“The guest response to the new restaurant was overwhelming. We saw people waiting to try our Louisiana-inspired eats in lines stretching down the block, multiple times per day” said Gary Rutty, Ba-You Holdings, Ltd. “Customers patiently waited in line at 10 a.m. to get an early taste of Popeyes, making our spicy Bonafide® chicken and biscuits fast favorites, as well as the Chicken Bowl and Chicken Sandwich.”

Due to guest response, the restaurant will continue to run three additional service crews through the night—cleaning, marinating, and food preparation—to deliver service as distinctive as the food, every day.

The restaurant design is the first international free-standing Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen image drive-thru. The restaurant is flipped from the typical Popeyes restaurant; accessible for the right-hand drivers of island—all with an island feel. While listening to the musings of the traditional jazz beat, guests can now enjoy Louisiana inspired culinary creations like New Orleans-style fried chicken, etouffée and jambalaya, and signature sides including Cajun rice, mashed potatoes and world-famous Red Beans & Rice.

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