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Precision Landscaping Services Ltd.
Precision Landscaping Services Ltd.
Precision Landscaping Services Ltd.
Precision Landscaping Services Ltd.
Precision Landscaping Services Ltd.
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Precision Landscaping Services Ltd.

Precision Landscaping Services Ltd. 

“We are the Down to earth People”
Our Mission

To offer personalized attention through exceptional customer service, high quality plants and related products while we constantly improve on all aspects of our business in order that we may surpass our client’s expectations.

Our Services

* Wholesale Plants/Nursery:
For the BEST QUALITY plants on Island: Annuals, Plams, Shade Trees, Hedging, Shrubs and more.(Our competitors may offer you what seems to be a better price but, you'll spend more on fertilizers trying to get their plants to look like ours. Save yourself the money and time and buy our plants.)

* Pre Landscaping Consultation
* Tree Pruning and Removal
* Sod Farm
   St Augustine Sod & Plugs
   Zoyzia Sod & Plugs
* Trenching for Plumbing/Electrical
*Heavy Equipment & Land Clearing
  Excavator with Jack Hammer or Bucket
  Sky Track
  Low Boy
  Dump Trucks
  Back Hoe

Why choose us?

With more than 25 years in the Landscaping Industry, Precision Landscaping Services Ltd is the most experienced company on the Island providing quality service for both Residential and Commercial customers.

For many of the companies who offer landscaping services today, have as their objective getting the job and getting paid for it and moving on to the next client. Precision Landscaping Services Ltd understands that that each client is equally important to our business and that each request for a service to be provided must result in added value to the client’s property.

We have stood the test of time because:
  • We are fully prepared to do much more than just a job. We are experts in landscape design, construction and maintenance.
  • We offer free estimates, advice and tips to everyone, there is no need to pay to be considered a client.
  • Every member of staff appreciates the fact that our livelihood depends on each opportunity given to serve our clients.
  • Our staff has the experience, equipment and knowledge necessary to ensure that the unique taste of each client as envisioned by them is made a reality.
  • Landscaping for us is not just a job, it is our lifeline.

Precision Landscaping Services Ltd is different from the rest and that's the most important reason we have stood the test of time.

Industry Insights

Precision Landscaping has been the industry leader known for introducing new industry concepts.  We were the first grass solution company on the island offering wholesale Sod and Grass Plugs. Precision Landscaping takes pride in transforming Homes, Commercial Properties, Condos or Hotel sites into a “New Appreciation” for its owners. As a token of our appreciation we give in return to our customers a substantial lifelong gift - each Landscape installed.


Mulching vs. Not Mulching?

Among other things, mulching your garden plants protect them from soil erosion and conserves moisture. This gives your plants a chance to develop fine roots while protecting them from drought and other harsh effects of weather on plants. Not mulching your garden plants means you'll be doing more watering of your plants and more basic care that could have been prevented by initial mulching of your garden beds.

When do I water my trees & plants?

Trees & plants generally need watering when the soil surface starts to dry out, especially newly planted trees and plants. Use a garden trowel or your finger if the soil is loose enough, and dig down a few inches into the soil surrounding the tree or plant. If the soil looks bone dry, you may want to think about watering if no rain is in the forecast.

Watering Guide 

Water efficient irrigation does not end with construction. Changing your irrigation controller is an important part of reducing your landscape water use.
The watering schedule below will help save water, time and money:

  • Your drip irrigation system should run a minimum of 2 hours each time to ensure the proper water depth is reached.
  • Let the drip system run for 8 to 10 hours after every seventh watering. This removes the salts that build up around the plants root system.
  • Check the plant material for signs of stress to further fine-tune your  irrigation schedule.
  • Cacti need supplemental watering during the first three months after planting. Apply water with a hose once a month for the first three months or, when the pads begin to droop.
  • Cacti require no additional water after they have become established, except for long periods of hot and dry weather.

Get in Touch

Got a Question?

We're here to help. Send us an email or call us at (345) 947-ECAY (3229)