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Risk Consultancy Ltd.

Risk Consultancy Services (RCS) Limited has been formulated with a need recognized within the Cayman Islands to educate, advise and manage safety protocols within the workforce ensuring a mass reduction in lost time due to accidents or incidents.

RCS is a nationally recognized professional service organization that provides workplace safety consulting, training, assessment, program planning and implementation.

Our consultancy services are geared towards delivering expert advice and reports to protect the employer, employee and the rights of organizations. Our organization is certified to handle a wide range of services in this regard, inclusive of professional testimony within the Court of Law.

Our Main Services in this regard includes:   
•Independent Accident Investigation and Reporting   
•Disaster Management Audit and Analysis   
•Accident prevention and investigation   
•Emergency Response Planning   
•Safety Audits and Assessments   
•Safety Audits for Insurance Purposes   
•Safety Marine Audits for Passenger and Cargo Vessels   
•Safety Analysis and Management for Projects   
•Safety Administration / Advice   
•Inspection and Certification of Equipment
•Expert Witness   
•Fire Safety Audits   
•ISO 9000 Certification Implementation   
•Machine Guarding Audits   
•Mock OSHA Inspections   
•Safety Training Needs Analysis

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