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Rohelio's Car Care Centre
Rohelio's Car Care Centre
Rohelio's Car Care Centre
Rohelio's Car Care Centre

Hand washing since 1979, Rohelio's Car Care Centre (Rohelio’s) has become Cayman's best car wash service provider, not only through our commitment to quality hand washing - but also by offering a complete and customizable range of car wash services to best suit our customers' needs.

We use soft lamb's wool mitts, and no brushes or cloths that could damage your car's finish are used. Most of our services take approximately 35 minutes, as we focus on each car as if it was our own. We not only offer full service wash and custom detailing for cars, trucks and SUVs, but express services also!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Here at Rohelio's we strive for perfection. Our employees are dedicated to delivering every vehicle in pristine condition. If for any reason our staff fails to reach your expectations, we want you to let us know. We, at Rohelio's maintain a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If something is not right, we will fix it. It's that simple.

Clean Car Guarantee

If for any reason (rain, snow, sleet, birds with great aim, mud puddles, four-wheeling fun, dust, paintball mishap, you name it) the exterior of your car or truck becomes dirty within 24 hours of an Rohelio's Little Cayman Service, we will do it again for free. Yes free. As in, "it will cost you nothing!" Please bring your receipt of purchase and present it to the cashier upon leaving. We believe in keeping you clean. It's our commitment.

Hand Wash Process

Rohelio's is a state-of-the-art car wash centre that is fast, efficient and environmentally friendly. Our facility is up to date with the very latest in car washing technology. Before you enter our wash facility you will be greeted by our customer service advisors to help you decide which package is best for you as we help you on your way.

Your car will have chemicals applied and all of the car washing is done by hand. Hand towel drying to ensure you don't have unsightly water spots. To ensure the highest-quality end product, we use only the finest materials on your vehicle. We use a cashmere mop bonnet to wash your vehicle, and an all-nylon wheel brush on the wheels. Then for customers who choose the Grand Cayman Package, they will get Meguiar's polish hand applied. This polish forms a polymer bond to your paint and, for up to two weeks in our local climate, helps to keep your paint safe from harmful UV rays, bugs, road tar, etc. WE HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR ROHELIO'S EXPERIENCE!

Environmentally Friendly

These days, every choice matters - and believe it or not, so does every car wash.

From our product choices to our facility's design, we are working hard to create an environmentally-responsible car wash facility, ensuring our customers' satisfaction. We invite you to take part in this by choosing to stop by Rohelio's and learn about our offerings.

Get in Touch

Got a Question?

We're here to help. Send us an email or call us at (345) 947-ECAY (3229)