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Saxon Insurance Company Ltd.


We offer affordable car insurance while emphasizing prompt, personalized service.

Our Promise

Saxon strives to protect all people in Cayman through smart, flexible and affordable insurance. It is genuinely important to us that we contribute to the overall safety of roads, homes, businesses and travels.

Our Vision

Our vision for Saxon is best represented visually by the hummingbird of our logo, whose speed, agility, and unhindered free motion in the air make it a creature unlike any other in the natural world.

Like the hummingbird, we win through speed, agility, and nimbleness rather than through size and force. Our emphasis on speed means your car insurance buying experience with us is the most convenient in Cayman. And it’s our emphasis on agility and nimbleness that gives us the flexibility to offer you exactly the types of coverage you want when you partner with us for your car insurance needs.

Our goal is to deliver affordable insurance tailored to your needs with a personal touch and on your terms. We believe that the starting point for warm, courteous professionalism lies in a customer service representative who sees things from the customer’s perspective. Sustained, systematic training is one thing that we do to sensitize our team to your needs, concerns, and expectations.

We also believe in keeping the lines of communication open. With this in mind, we want to hear from you – what do you want from your car insurance company?

Proudly Offering the Following Insurance Products:

Get in Touch

Got a Question?

We're here to help. Send us an email or call us at (345) 947-ECAY (3229)