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What is your favorite protein?
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Smoothie Lovers!!! Try one of our healthy smoothies for breakfast
Wheatgrass is an effective healer because it contains vitamins A,B-complex,C,E & K and rich in protain & contains 17 amino acid
Beet, Carrot & Apple great combination of vegetables and fruit, one of our favorite 100% fresh squeezed juices...
Locally Grown Organic Wheatgrass

Smoothie Factory is an established, popular, and fast-growing retailer of real fruit smoothies, fresh squeezed juices, authentic frozen yogurt, light foods, and nutritional products in the USA, China, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, India, Canada, Russian Federation, Qatar, UAE, and Cayman Islands.

We believe in the simple concept of providing guests with reasonably priced healthy meal choices, served quickly, in attractive, clean, pleasant surroundings every day.

Perhaps the most impressive trait that Smoothie Factory possesses is its desire to continually enhance its franchising system, interior design, and brand image. Since the company’s founding in Carrollton, TX in 1996, the Smoothie Factory brand has become recognized for excellence in service, product, and value.

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