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St. Ignatius Catholic School

St. Ignatius Catholic School is located on the beautiful Caribbean Island of Grand Cayman. The school was established in 1971 and moved to its present site on Walker’s Road soon after. The present school houses 700 students and staff from many different countries. Students can begin their St. Ignatius education in Reception (age 3), and proceed all the way through to Year 13 (age 18).

Our Mission Statement...
St. Ignatius Catholic School, rooted in the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church, prepares students for their adult lives by:
Inspiring them to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ.
Providing them with an educational environment that encourages a lifelong love of learning and nurtures those skills and abilities required for success.
Motivating them to develop their intellect, broaden their perspective and achieve their personal best.
Preparing them to make a difference with their lives by enabling them to develop their full intellectual, creative, spiritual and physical potential, and so to work with Christ in building God’s Kingdom.
Instilling respect and appreciation for the diversity of the community within the context of Caymanian culture and traditions.

Our Values...

St. Ignatius Catholic School recognises that the common good of the church and of society depends largely on the quality education of young people.

Christian Community - The St. Ignatius family is a visible Christian community, striving to live the mission of the Catholic Church through prayer, liturgy, and service. 
Family – We nurture a strong sense of belonging, whereby all those associated with the school are an integral part of its identity.
Spiritual, Personal and Emotional Growth – We promote the spiritual, personal and emotional growth of every student, recognising the Catholic faith as the foundation upon which the St. Ignatius family has been established and will continue to be sustained.
Pursuit of Knowledge – We provide a stimulating learning environment that offers students the opportunity to develop their ability to think and act critically and analytically, enabling them to achieve their full potential.  In co-operating with Christ in building God’s Kingdom, students thereby become effective contributors to a progressive and just society.
Safe and Secure Environment – We insist on an environment where physical safety and emotional security enable active and creative learning to take place.
Diversity – We embrace and promote the diversity of the school community, recognising the important role it plays in creating global citizens within the framework of Caymanian traditions and customs.

Our Aims...

St. Ignatius Catholic School recognises that everything we have comes from God.  We seek to educate the whole person.  A St. Ignatius School education will be an internationally recognised symbol of excellence and the choice for all parents in Cayman.  Students of St. Ignatius Catholic School:
• will set an example of Christian morality based on the Catholic tradition and personal responsibility in the service of humanity.
• will be independent, open-minded and confident young people, able to communicate effectively, knowing that they have something worthwhile to say.
• will be valuable, contributing members of their community who apply Christian values to life’s opportunities, challenges, and choices.
• will have a lifelong love of learning.

This vision is underpinned by five fundamental commitments.  St. Ignatius Catholic School:

• will place worship of God and prayer at the centre of school life, especially through assemblies and the weekly celebration of Mass.
• will be a demonstrably Catholic school where children are educated in a happy yet disciplined, atmosphere based on Christian values.
• will provide a lively, positive academic environment.
• will encourage all students to play an active role in the wide range of sporting, musical, dramatic and other extra-curricular activities on offer, in order that they develop a breadth of interests and learn to work co-operatively.
• understands that all have a personal responsibility “for the evangelisation of culture, and for the common good of society.”

A school at the heart of a community...
St. Ignatius School shares a campus with St. Ignatius Church and is located along Walkers Road on the outskirts of George Town.  The school is renowned for its friendly, caring atmosphere in which the personal, social and academic needs of each individual are nurtured within the context of the Catholic faith.
A school recognised for excellence in teaching and learning...
As an independent, co-educational, comprehensive school, we accept students from Nursery to 13 (ages 3+ to 18) across a wide ability range. Our school curriculum offers British-based qualifications while incorporating a number of American tests to provide maximum flexibility for graduating students.  With a reputation for academic excellence spearheaded by our professional and dedicated staff, students are provided with a high standard of education in a multi-faceted and challenging learning environment which encourages the creative arts and physical exercise, as well as challenging the students intellectually.

A school that places the student at the centre of all endeavours...
The St. Ignatius experience is so much more than lessons in a classroom.  Our focus is on the development of the whole child.  Students are offered numerous opportunities for self-enrichment and personal and spiritual growth.  By fostering a strong sense of self-worth, we value each member of the St. Ignatius community, promoting high standards of achievement and behaviour within a disciplined, structured and supportive environment.

We welcome students from all religious denominations and backgrounds, fostering an atmosphere of tolerance and support irrespective of race, gender, nationality or belief.  The focus of our school life at St. Ignatius revolves around our Catholic faith.  Without exception, every child is expected to participate fully in the religious life of the school.  By placing the spiritual development of each student within the context of the Catholic faith and the liturgical year, we provide numerous opportunities for self-enrichment and personal growth.  As the only Catholic School in Cayman, we practise faith in action; empowering students to explore their spirituality in a dynamic, stimulating and open-minded environment.
Our Catholic Heritage...
St. Ignatius School falls under the auspices of the local parish and, in turn, under the governance of the Archbishop of Detroit, the Pope’s special delegate entrusted to care for the spiritual needs of the parish.  Ours is a thriving and fast-growing church community, declared ‘Missio Sui Iuris’ (or a Mission Church in its own right) by Rome in July 2000 in the hope of one day becoming a diocese.

Ethos and Community...
Our aim is to raise caring students who possess high moral standards and a healthy respect for others.  We believe that experience is the best teacher of all, so whether it is raising money for charity through Key Club activities, our annual Lenten fast or going on a working visit to an orphanage in Jamaica, we expect all of our students to make a positive contribution to the world around them, and by doing so, to understand more about themselves.  Our school chaplain works alongside the students, offering support and guidance when required.

Partnership With Parents / Communication With Home...
The quality of our relationships with students and their families is important to us and we value the partnership between home and school.  By creating close working relationships, we are able to support the needs of every student in our care.  Our open door policy means that parents are always welcome to make an appointment to visit and see the school in action.  Similarly, we hope that parents will contact us immediately to discuss any concerns they may have regarding their child’s schooling.

St. Ignatius Catholic School is proudly celebrating our 40th anniversary from September 2010 to September 2011.

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