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Thai Orchid - Owner (Suladda May) & Chefs
Thai Orchid - Owner Suladda May
Sept. Specials - Ocean King
Sept. Specials - Double Chocolate Creme Brulee
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Thai food is surely one of the worlds most interesting and exotic cuisines, with its contrasting flavors and textures. At Orchid, it’s prepared by authentic Thai chefs especially imported for Suladda’s kitchen. Ginger, garlic, galangal, lemongrass. Be a culinary adventurer; you can’t go wrong. Experience something new. Tantalize your taste buds.

Surely one of the best-run restaurants in Cayman would have to be the beautiful Thai Orchid in the Queen’s Court.

Owner Suladad’s dedicated staff keep the wheels turning smoothly even when she’s off island, perhaps taking art classes in Europe, for example, which she is known to do from time to time. And it’s evident there’s an artist’s eye in the execution of everything about Thai Orchid, from the painted walls to the decorated ceiling. They were done with Suladda’s own hand, as are the paintings themselves which adorn the walls. The ambience is soft, subtle, and exotic.

Thai Orchid offers food presented by an artist.

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