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Workplace Environments installation teams are trained on major furniture products on the market. We are the authorized Steelcase dealer and have the experience to provide trouble-free installation and/or reconfiguration for projects of all types and sizes. An extensive supplier network gives us access to all the parts and components needed to repair, replace, or reconfigure your office environment, while our veteran professional staff ensures the work is done with minimum disruption to the client’s daily routine.

Workplace Environments creates, furnishes and manages offices, meeting rooms, training rooms and lab interiors for businesses, healthcare providers, educational and government departments/authorities. At our core we believe your work space is a strategic asset and when it’s furnished and managed correctly, it can play a key role in helping you achieve your business objectives. The Workplace Environments approach combines furniture, architectural products, floor covering and all the related services to transform a work space into a single integrated working environment. In addition, our capabilities as a single-source provider of office furniture and related services allows you to leverage your total purchase dollars to generate overall cost savings and enjoy the soft-cost benefits of doing business with just one key supplier.

How we do it 

Effective installation services call for two key elements: knowledgeable, experienced installers and access to a comprehensive and reliable supply of furniture parts and components. At Workplace Environments, you’ll find both in abundance. Our crews are factory-trained in installation and reconfiguration of systems furniture, with the expertise and resources to take new product and integrate it seamlessly with your existing workspace investment.

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